The Mustang Stampede 10K Run

by Joanne on September 7, 2014

Very valuable asset to have in reaching your goals is the support from family and friends.  With another 18 miles plus on the books before Portland and NYC marathons and throwing into those long miles fast middle miles for 6, help was needed. Trying to pick up the pace in a long run is tough when running alone.  With the help of The Mustang Stampede 10K, a running partner named Amy, I was able to successfully run 6.2 miles, AFTER running almost 9 miles at just slightly over half marathon pace… THEN, Ted was with me to finish that long haul for a few extra miles.  


The 7th annual Mustang Stampede to benefit Veterans was held  at Oneida Shores Park in Brewerton, NY.  Both 5K and 10K runs went off at 9 am…well, SHOULD have gone off at 9 am but more on that later.  A beautiful route with the lake in view most of the course.  Basically flat with just a mild incline on the way back into the park to finish. It was a family affair with young kids running/walking with parents and the very youngest ones having their own “kids run” after the adults came through.


As Ted and I were on schedule for an 18 miler today and Amy was in for 13- 15 miles, we decided to make a morning of it, leaving to meet at the Thruway by 5:30 am.  This put us in the park by 6:35 am and ready to run.  The three of us headed along the race course for an out and back to get in 8.8 miles pre race. 

It was quiet along the route early in the A.M.  Out and on the way back, the military guys were setting up the water stations, signs, and turn arounds.  One truck stopped us and asked how far we were running, then said “Hey! Wanna stick a 5K or 10K in those miles?”  We said “We’re already in!”  and ran a little faster back to pickup our bibs.


We had about 45 minutes after finishing that long warm up so Amy and Ted changed their socks, Amy took off a layer or two and we did some stretching.  There was an obnoxiously LOUD test shot with the cannon 15 minutes before start.  


A nice speech from the Colonel of the division promoting the race, national anthem, rules of the road and then we moved to the starting line where another blast from the cannon would initiate the race.  HOWEVER…. as we all stood in anticipation of our run, the cannon sputtered and stood lifeless.  We waited as it was emptied, plunged, reloaded…. and by 9:15 (estimated), we were off. BOOM!

Amy and I ran together for barely half a mile of the race and then I lost her. She was running so well and I tried to stay with her but my legs, head, heart didn’t have it.  I knew I was still in for 4 more miles after finishing so I let Amy run her race while focusing on mine. 

The 5K turnaround was in sight…Oh how I wish I had only signed up for the 5K!…we continued on with the sun shining bright, a little breeze and military personnel offering support. We lost half the runners at the 5K turnaround. Seemed the 5K was the race of the day.

The 10K turnaround was in sight and here comes Amy…”GO AMY! LOOKIN’ GOOD!” She was making this run look easy.  Did we JUST run almost 9 miles together?   I was finally heading home, giving Ted a high five, and trying to maintain a race pace but losing it. 

Paces:  8:01, 7:42, 7:37, 7:48, 7:59, and 7:53.   

Not sure those paces were good since this was for MARATHON training not 10K racing. In the end, I still had a little left for my 4 extra miles but my legs were very stiff after finishing the race, taking a breather for 5 minutes then trying to continue on.  

Total today:  19.14 miles in 2 hrs 54 min.   10K results were an age group win for a 48:48 10K run. *I think there were only 2 in our age group to be honest…small race.  Not my best time for a 10K but mentally, I was struggling with trying to keep my pace up and realistically relaxing it to run at marathon pace, where I probably should have been to teach myself pacing strategy for upcoming marathons.


Amy, on the other hand, had a PERSONAL RECORD day with a 10K  run of 46:43 (I think?), winning her age group. 


Ted had a good run, pacing himself really well and finishing with minimal knee pain. 

Post run

Fun long run with great scenery, great company, terrific race venue, plus, running with military guys is always fun.  Friendly, happy, and  a good cause.

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  • At 2014.09.08 09:46, Ali @ Peaches and Football said:

    Those are great split times! I know lots of people who time their long runs with shorter races to help spur them along. Looks like a really fun run – I think the cannon is a hoot!

    • At 2014.09.08 15:03, Joanne said:

      Yeah, the cannon was a bit of a snag. It was obvious we could have done without that practice shot.

    • At 2014.09.08 10:15, Tina@GottaRunNow said:

      Congrats to you on your great finish time, especially when you consider that you ran 9 miles before the race. What a great training run!

      • At 2014.09.08 15:04, Joanne said:

        It was a good training run. When I try something new like that, it really stresses me out but having a friend (Amy) to run with as well as Ted along really helped ease the anxiety.

      • At 2014.09.08 10:23, misszippy1 said:

        Awesome job, Joanne, on tired legs, too! I think you are setting up for a nice PR this fall the way you are running.

        • At 2014.09.08 15:05, Joanne said:

          I would LOVE a PR in my key race but unfortunately that key race is NYC. Everyone keeps telling me how challenging the course is – worse than Boston. So basically I’m training in order to finish NYC with something close to my usual pace.

        • At 2014.09.14 14:29, Mary said:

          Cool way to mix up your training, pretty impressive that the 10k race is only part of your morning’s run!

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