What to look out for in a beauty supplement

by Joanne on March 22, 2013

Taking us into the weekend is a guest post by Marcy Quinones of CelergenSwiss.  The supplement she promotes was published by Robb Report in December 2012 and said to be the “Rolls Royce of Supplements for the Human Body.”   Curious?  Read on…


Beauty supplements are a highly controversial topic. There’s the never-ending debate on the effects of certain vitamins on free radicals against the adverse effects of consuming too much of. Are minerals, vitamins, proteins or lipids the better option to hide the signs of aging? Can too much minerals such as iron be bad? And the list of questions goes on.

In fact, when it comes to healthy eating, everything in moderation is probably the best way to go. Now, what about supplements? What ingredients should you look out for if it’s enhancing skin tone and beauty you’re looking for?


Let’s first take a look at evening primrose oil. This is a definite yes in terms of beauty supplement. For acne-prone skin, you’ll want to consider including evening primrose oil to your yes list. Besides working wonders for acne problems, it’s also great to prevent eczema flare ups. There are also other oils and lipids to consider. Our cells (and skin cells for that matter) are made up of lipids, so it’s always a good idea to not disregard fats in your diet. Moreover, anti-oxidizing vitamins such as D and E are considered lipids given their fat-soluble properties.

Moving on, you’ll definitely want to consider whether the beauty supplement include proteins and peptides. Protein in general helps your body build up mass and muscles which is more or less the ‘fullness’ behind your skin. When they say beauty comes from within, it really does. Protein will help to tone up and give you a less flabby look.

Next, let’s take a look at omega-3 fatty acids which promote the production of collagen. Omega-3 fatty acids are largely found in fatty fish such as tuna and mackerel. For vegetarians, there are lots in walnuts, soy beans and pumpkin seeds as well.

Vitamin C, you can never have enough of. This particular vitamin is your body’s healing and repair savior. Recommend taking vitamin C separately. You can never have enough of it. 500 mg per day? 100 mg per day? Vitamin C doesn’t accumulate in your system, so it doesn’t really matter how much you take.

Well, there you go, the essential ingredients of any beauty supplement to look out for: anti-oxidizing agents (i.e. vitamins), proteins and peptides, lipids, collagen, omega-3 fatty acids and evening primrose oil.



Besides being super health conscious, the contributor of this post, Marcy has had her say on a number of health supplements. She recommends those from Switzerland such as Celergen, which is largely made up of marine protein and lipids.

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