Disney World 2013 Better Late Than Never

by Joanne on January 11, 2013

The day was going to be perfect. We would take off on JetBlue Airlines at 7 am and land in Orlando by 10:30 am.  We would check into our resort, early check in arrangements made, and get to the Marathon Expo just after lunch.  All that never happened. Instead, we took off at 7 am, had pressure problems in the air and landed at Washington-Dulles by 8:40 am.  Seven hours – YES 7 HOURS – later, we took off for Orlando.  Arrived at 4:40 pm, were the very last stop on the Magic Express but DID make our dinner reservation at Narcoossees by 7:10 pm. It was a frustrating day but we made it.

Enjoyed a taste test of Unique red wines.  Excellent.

Both had a 4 – Star dinner of grilled grouper and swordfish.

At 8 pm, the lights dimmed and we enjoyed a 20 minute fireworks display from our table.

Things were looking up.

Our first full day at WDW:  The Expo

We are definitely learning how to wait. There is a line everywhere and for everything you do. Patience is good, it’s just tough learning to practice when you want to get  so much done in such a short time.

The expo was well organized.  We moved right along getting our numbers then moving along to another building for our goodie bags.  There were folks we spoke to who reassured us Disney did the races right by people moving, aid stations, water, etc. especially due to the expected heat. Could be the hottest marathon in years at Disney. *Boston revisited, oh yay!

Ted picked up his bib number while I retrieved our race retreat bracelets. We went up a level to pick up my bib number and then stopped for a photo op.

We purchased a few necessities and SUE:  I got you a really nice Mickey sweatshirt.

We stopped for a 20th Anniversary free photo. We stopped for runner tracking so Ted could follow me in the marathon.  Once back at the hotel, we purchased 1/2 day tickets and planned to go to Animal Kingdom then Epcot.  Maybe on Sunday, we’ll get another ticket to Magic Kingdom. We also made sure a microwave was put into our room so I could heat a sweet potato Saturday before my Sunday run. 

It was time for lunch at the ESPN zone then off for half a day at Animal Kingdom.

Took the ferry from Yacht Club to Boardwalk

First stop, Africa for the Kilimanjaro Safari.

Excellent adventure and by far our favorite event of the day. We saw hippos, rhinos, alligators, all sorts of birds, zebras, giraffe, lions, and so much more.

Next, it was a walk over to Asia for the Expedition Everest.  This turned out to be a mistake. It’s a roller coaster ride.  Ted doesn’t enjoy roller coasters because he doesn’t like heights. I like roller coasters but get an upset stomach.  We did it anyway. 

Both of us were green by the end of the ride and left us feeling nauseous into the early evening.  Good thing we brought the Pepto.

We STILL weren’t done punishing ourselves. We ventured over to DinoLand USA and took a ride on the Dinosaur. 

That didn’t do as much damage to our systems as Everest but it didn’t do us any good either. It was loud and rough riding.

We had enough. A couple more photos and we were heading home to our hotel.

We’ll settle in for a good Italian dinner tonight. Early to bed and up by 2:40 am for the Disney World Half Marathon.

It’s going to be warm and humid but we plan to take it slow and enjoy.

Stay tuned to see how we handled the half.  We’re EXCITED!

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  • At 2013.01.11 18:28, Tina@GottaRunNow said:

    You got off to a slow start, but you sure did pack a lot of fun into the day! Wishing you both a great race!

    • At 2013.01.11 20:01, Lori said:

      That’s the one thing about air travel. When it goes smooth – it’s wonderful, but it can be such a time suck when things go wrong.

      I love Disney! Have a great time and a wonderful race!

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        • At 2013.01.18 20:26, claudia@whatcookinitaliancuisine said:

          hope you had a great time and happy new year… you were so close to where we live!

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