Cold Running and FOFF Spaghetti Squash Au Gratin

by Joanne on November 8, 2012

The mornings have been colder, not wet, not windy, just cold.  It’s hard getting used to running in the cold and knowing what to wear so as not to get too hot and have to carry half your clothing in your hands or around your waist.  Legs don’t seem to be a problem, I wear capris at 45 to 50 degrees and cool weather running tights in colder weather.  It’s just the upper body that seems to be the challenge. 

This week it has been in the high 20’s to mid 30’s  My hands seem to be the upset this week since I’ve been lucky in dressing right with a tank and long sleeve shirt.  The Problem: my hands sweat and my thumbs freeze.  Not sure how to solve that problem.

Do you find it challenging dressing for colder weather?

Today was a fun run.  I set out with reluctance and a sore, achy body.  Shane and I ran 4 1/2 miles at a slow pace.  Since I’m teaching Zoey to run with me, when I got back home, I went out again with her.  She’s always so excited to run and pulls me along which makes it easy on my legs.  The result is faster finish miles but those miles are a heck of a lot easier to run because Zoey is pulling my weight.  It feels absolutely great!   I know it might be cheating, similar to hanging on when running on the treadmill, but at least my legs are moving faster.  Rolling on the floor laughing

Spaghetti Squash Au Gratin:  A Recipe to Keep You Warm And…another unique way to prepare that big round mustard yellow squash you see in the store called spaghetti squash. 

I found the recipe easy until I tried mixing everything together then the challenge began since the spaghetti strands of squash kept wrapping around my spoon.  Still, it was worth the time.  Very tasty, cheesy, saucy and filling.

FOFF Spaghetti Squash Au Gratin and Cakes1

Serves 4 – 6

  • 1 large spaghetti squash, halved and seeded *I find it easier to cut in half and seed if I microwave it for 4 – 5 minutes.
  • 2 tsp minced garlic
  • 1 TBS fresh thyme leaves (or if you prefer use marjoram)
  • 2 TBS fresh chopped parsley
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp pepper
  • 8 oz crème fraiche or low fat sour cream
  • 3/4 cup Asiago cheese, divided
  • 1/2 cup gruyere cheese, shredded

Preheat the oven to 450 F.

Microwave the squash on a clean paper towel for about 4 minutes. Cut in half and seed. Grab some more clean paper towel and put the squash halves on them and back into the microwave for another 10 to 12 minutes. Make sure to place the CUT SIDE Down onto the paper towel. Once done, allow to rest until you can safely handle the squash.

Use a fork and run it along the inside of the squash to draw spaghetti like strands away from the skin. Place in a bowl. If there is any excess liquid, blot with a clean paper towel.

Combine the garlic, herbs, salt, pepper crème fraiche, and 1/2 cup of Asiago plus the gruyere cheese in a bowl. Fold in the squash strands. Place into a casserole dish and top with the remaining Asiago cheese. Bake for 20 minutes.

FOFF Spaghetti Squash Au Gratin and Cakes6

Spaghetti squash needs flavor added otherwise it’s a bit bland.  All that cheese and the herbs finished it nicely.

FOFF Spaghetti Squash Au Gratin and Cakes4

What else can you do with spaghetti squash to make it full meal?

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