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by Joanne on March 14, 2013

This week an email arrived that I was eagerly anticipating:


Bib numbers are now available on our website for the 2013 Boston Marathon. To look up your bib, click the button below:


The cut-off between Wave 1 and Wave 2 is 3:18:33. The cut-off between Wave 2 and Wave 3 is 3:43:25. That is 37 seconds and 23 seconds faster than last year’s breaks, respectively.

See that last part….”The cut-off between Wave 2 and Wave 3 is 3:43:25. That is 37 seconds and 23 seconds faster than last year’s breaks, respectively.”  that’s when my smile turned to a frown.  Smile  Sad smile

This year will be the 3rd time I run the Boston Marathon.  Because of those faster times, this will also be the 3rd year I start in WAVE 3 Corral 1.  I can’t break away from it. I really wanted to bump up to Wave 2 but no. My time was 3:44:37…COME ON!!!   Steaming mad

So I say to myself:  1. At least I’m running and 2. There’s my goal for next year.  That’s the band aid on the wound.  RainbowThumbs up

Quick and Easy Dinner From FOFF.

I would have never thought such a simple meal would receive so many good reviews. The following recipe from Carla Vavala is a fun meal to make and serve. It’s also one where everyone can easily scoop up their fill and make it as they like it.  From Fusion of Food and Friends.

I did purchase turkey slices in vegetarian substitute form but we ended up having guests for dinner and there just wasn’t enough room on the table for me to make a separate meal for only one. Since we had my favorite homemade margarita pizza with whole grain crust, I made that my main meal. Oh the suffering…..Winking smileWinking smile

FOFF and Meatless6

Serves 4

  • 1 French Baguette – Slice in half length wise then cut diagonally into 4 sections.
  • 2 TBS olive oil
  • 1 1/2 cups roast chicken gravy (from a jar or make it yourself)
  • 1/2 cup mascarpone cheese
  • 1/4 cup Havarti cheese, shredded
  • 2 TBS chopped chives
  • 1 TBS whole grain mustard
  • 1/2 lb deli turkey off the bone, cooked, chopped/cut up
  • 1 cup arugula

Preheat the oven to broil. Brush the baguette sections with olive oil and put under the broiler for about 1 minute. Watch carefully or they will burn. Set aside.

In a small saucepan over medium low heat, mix the gravy, both cheeses, chives and mustard. Heat for a few minutes then add the turkey. Cook for another 10 minutes, stir occasionally.

To serve, allow everyone to take a baguette section, pour the turkey mixture over it then top with arugula.

FOFF and Meatless9

What was a big disappointment recently that you used self – talk to get over?

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  • At 2013.03.14 20:20, Lori said:

    I always try to look at the positive side of pretty much everything. Sometimes I blow of a little steam about it and then move on. I think it is exciting you get to run the BM again, though!

    I love harvarti cheese. There is a local place here that does a harvarti dill grilled cheese sammie on house made semolina bread. To die for!

    • At 2013.03.14 21:22, CJ said:

      Love your baquette dish! By the way, I use positive self-talk all the time 🙂

      • At 2013.03.15 12:03, Heather said:

        Yay for Boston!!!! Sooooooo excited for you!

        • At 2013.03.16 06:31, CCU said:

          I am very excited for you my friend 😀
          And lovely looking baguette!


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