Mizuno Wave Rider 16 Review

by Joanne on October 15, 2012

The new Mizuno running shoe.  It doesn’t get any prettier.

mizuno wave rider 164

I was chosen to “test drive” the new Wave Rider 16 and SO excited to do so

mizuno wave rider 16

The shoe felt a little heavier than my Mizuno Wave Precision 12 and there was a little more to the new Wave Rider than my other shoes since most of my running shoes are minimal shoes. 

I have to admit, the toe-off using this sneaker felt great!

mizuno wave rider 162

When I put the shoe on and walked around the house it felt cushioned and stable. It wasn’t  too heavy, but noticeably more weighty than minimal shoes. The fit = a PERFECT size 9.  I was nervous about the fit because so many times I’ve tried on shoes and the size just isn’t right.  In fact, I have one pair of Nikes that are a size 10.  That’s an entire size LARGER than any other shoe I own.  Some might be 1/2 a size larger but, call it vanity if nothing else, I am elated when a shoe fits perfect at size 9. COME ON! Who wants big feet? At a height of 5’6”, I certainly don’t want to boast a size 10 shoe! ….come to think of it, maybe that’s why I have such good balance?!

Back to the Wave Rider 16…

mizuno wave rider 161

I ran my first 3 miles after last weekends marathon in the Wave Rider. It felt heavy but that’s probably because I’m coming off 26.2 miles in a very minimal shoe.  It was extremely stabilizing for my foot.  In fact, I decided to take on the camber of the road which is typically bothersome and the shoe offered such stability that the road offset wasn’t noticeable. 

This shoe will be a terrific training shoe.  Although I like to feel the ground a bit more than the Wave Rider 16 allows, it will be terrific for those days coming off a long run when my feet feel bruised and need stability. 

This Mizuno Wave Rider 16 is a keeper. I bet it’s going to be one popular model.

mizuno wave rider 163

And, it looks so pretty on my feet Open-mouthed smile

Do you have a favorite running shoe brand?  Do you run in the same brand/model shoe all the time or do you switch it up?

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  • At 2012.10.15 16:21, CCU said:

    I love the colour and the practicality – two plusses 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

    • At 2012.10.25 16:39, Joanne said:

      The color is great. So pretty 🙂

      • At 2012.10.16 10:12, Ali @ Peaches and Football said:

        I’m 5’5″ and wear a size 10 🙁

        It’s interesting because when I was sized for my running shoes, they put me in an 11 1/2! I almost fell over. But apparently you are supposed to get running shoes bigger than normal shoes because your feet spread out over the course of the walking/running and need the extra space?

        Pretty shoes – I’ve never tried Mizunos – I just switch out my asics every 6 months or so.

        • At 2012.10.25 16:40, Joanne said:

          I tried my first pair of Mizunos in the Philly marathon. They were lighter than any other shoe I had worn for a marathon. Worked ok but I like this wave rider 16 better, even though it’s heavier.

          • At 2012.10.16 18:54, Bela said:

            Those Are SO pretty. Love the colour combo.

            I love Asics Kayano and that is what I wear for long runs and races then I mix it up with something else for the shorter runs.

            • At 2012.10.25 16:40, Joanne said:

              I have one pair of Asics, not sure which, but I’m not crazy about the look. They feel ok, but look kind of “irregular”.

              • At 2012.10.19 20:55, Tina@GottaRunNow said:

                How great that you were chosen! I like to wear both Mizuno and Asics shoes. I usually need to buy shoes a whole size bigger so that I don’t get black toe nails.

                • At 2012.10.25 16:42, Joanne said:

                  I had one instance when my toe nail went black, after my first marathon. Now I never wear polish on my feet and keep my nails clipped super low. That one toe that went black still gets achy after a long run but doesn’t discolor.

                  • At 2012.10.25 11:35, Sheryl said:

                    Great review!! I love Mizuno shoes and have been pondering getting the Wave Rider 16’s.

                    • At 2012.10.25 16:42, Joanne said:

                      I’m not sure the WR 16 is out yet? They might be just introducing it. Def. worth a try. Nice shoe.

                      • At 2012.10.25 16:55, Karla said:

                        They had it at the Chicago marathon Expo. I bought mine there, but I don’t know if theyre selling it to the general public yet.

                        • At 2012.10.25 11:52, Karla said:

                          Agree! I bought mine at the Chicago Marathon Expo. I always use the wave riders so I can compare to the previous model and they feel way lighter and more cushioned. I ran the Chi Marathon in my WR15 and am running the Marine Corps Marathon in these, I’ll let you know how they compare!!

                          • At 2012.10.25 16:43, Joanne said:

                            I’d love to know your thoughts. 🙂

                            • At 2012.10.25 16:57, Karla said:

                              Count on it!! I’ve done 4 and 8 milers and they feel great so we’ll see in the 26.2!

                              • At 2012.10.25 12:18, IronGoof said:

                                I actually got to test drive the Mizuno Wave Rider 16s last night on a 5K course. I agree with everything you said, especially since I too usually run with a minimal shoe as well. We run in minimal shoes to train our bodies to run the natural way and they add the benefit of strengthening our feet. If you have run in minimal shoes for a while and have good running form then you can run in any shoe regardless. I like the stability and cushion of the Wave Rider 16s and would use them almost specifically for the run you tested them in, after a long race for recovery purposes. I think they have a place in a runners arsenal.

                                • At 2012.10.25 16:45, Joanne said:

                                  Since I’ve been running long runs in a minimal shoe, I find if a sneaker is too rigid, my ankles begin to ache. I think we have to be careful that a motion control shoe doesn’t restrict our natural motion causing all sorts of aches and pains which, if not knowing better, we would attribute to running more miles when really it was simply a shoe that wasn’t made for our particular feet.

                                  • At 2012.10.26 15:01, IronGoof said:

                                    Agreed. The way to get around that is the same as your minimal shoes. They should only be laced tight enough so your heal doesn’t slip. With any running shoe you should be able to slip in and out of it with ease without tying or retying. This allows the stability muscles to develop, so your muscles are supporting you, not the shoe.

                                    • At 2012.10.26 15:36, Joanne said:

                                      Great info. Thanks 🙂

                                      • At 2012.10.25 12:24, Ashley said:

                                        Great review! I wore the Wave Rider 13 and 15s! I spoke with one of the Mizuno reps and they said they took a lot of the weight out of the Wave Rider in the 16 so I am excited to get this shoe! What shoe do you usually wear (you said you are in a minimalist)?

                                        • At 2012.10.25 13:39, Joanne said:

                                          I ran my last two marathons in a New Balance 1400. It’s minimal by way of very light weight, guess as close to a racing flat as you can get with cushion 🙂
                                          I have Vibrams but those don’t work for me. I need very light weight with just a little protection on the ball of the foot.

                                          • At 2012.10.25 16:58, Karla said:

                                            If you has the 13 and 15 you will LOVE the 16! I had the 15 and the 16 are way lighter and more comfortable!

                                            • At 2012.10.25 13:11, Angela @ Happy Fit Mama said:

                                              I know you aren’t supposed to pick a shoe based on looks but DANG! those are so cute!!! 🙂

                                              • At 2012.10.25 16:45, Joanne said:


                                                • At 2012.10.25 14:27, David G. Imber said:

                                                  Nice look at the new Wave Riders. My first Mizuno shoe was the WR13 a few years back and I haven’t worn another brand since. I started wearing the Enigma, which is superb, but I missed the Wave Rider feel. It looks like this version has the great, balanced approach to structure vs. performance that I first loved about Wave Riders. Looking forward to trying the men’s version.

                                                  • At 2012.10.25 16:46, Joanne said:

                                                    I’ll have to check the Enigma. I love researching shoes.

                                                    • At 2012.10.25 16:56, Sheryl said:

                                                      From what I’ve read the new WR 16’s will be released in November. Can’t remember the exact date.

                                                      • At 2012.10.26 14:49, Joanne said:

                                                        Sounds right. Thanks for sharing Sheryl. 🙂

                                                        • At 2012.10.29 22:31, Meredith said:

                                                          I want to try these!! I’m really excited for these to come out.
                                                          I miss my Mizuno Wave Mushas. I think I’m going to get another pair of them soon. They’re the best shoes I’ve ever had, and I’ve been through a lot of them haha <3

                                                          • At 2012.12.05 16:33, Ben said:

                                                            Glad you are enjoying the Wave Riders! I have just bought a pair of wave creations and are loving them!

                                                            • At 2012.12.05 16:35, Sheryl said:

                                                              I wear a size 8 in the Precision 13’s – wondering if I get the new Wave Rider 16’s if I should stick with an 8 in those as well. Any thoughts??

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