Birds Eye Voila! Chicken Parmesan

by Joanne on August 23, 2011

As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program with Birds Eye Voila!, I received a coupon to try any of the Birds Eye Voila dinners.  The one draw back:  no shrimp or vegetarian options offered in our supermarket.  On a positive note, the freezer section did offer a tasty option for Ted, Chicken Parmesan.  One of his favorites.  This is Ted’s experience with a meal that can be made in 11 minutes.  It includes tender chicken pieces, penne pasta, Roma tomatoes all in a light marinara sauce.

The package


As with most packaged meals, there is a lot of sodium, 800 mg to be exact.  Take into consideration that is for one healthy cup size serving.  When you pair this meal with a healthy vegetable such as broccoli, it sure does fill the plate.


The meal was cooked on medium high for 10 minutes and for the last minute, I uncovered it.  It was cooking pretty good and smelled SO GOOD!


Ted’s comments:

“Chicken is tender.”

“It’s not too salty, not overly spiced. “

“A lot of tomatoes.”

The end result:  The package, priced at $4.99, serves 2 1/2 people.  Since one of the people in this house won’t eat chicken, the package we bought served one.


It must have been good because he ate the WHOLE THING!


Sure hope Birds Eye comes out with a vegetarian option, I have 75 more coupons to use!  If you want to try a Voila meal, email me your

mailing address.

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  • At 2011.08.24 11:13, Sandi said:

    My Foodbuzz ads just went up yesterday. Looking forward to these great freebies!!

    Like what you did w/this recipe. Keep up the great work!

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