You Know You’re Getting Faster When and Snapea Crisps

by Joanne on August 2, 2011

After taking it easy last week, a total of 17 miles and some change, ducking out of my long run by running a 5K and getting a new PR (well that move paid off!), I made a strong come back on Monday, ready to tackle the Philadelphia training.  Not that it was easy getting up but once I was out of bed, my mind didn’t search for excuses to get back into bed.

It was early and Shane was a little stiff from too much Frisbee play over the weekend.  It was treadmill torture for at least 55 minutes.

Treadmill:  55 minutes= 25 minute warm up, 15 minutes at steady-state run (about a half marathon pace at 7:35), a 15 minute easy wind down. Finished with 3 1/2 outside.  Total miles=10.1

It was the first time I did something called a “steady – state” run. Greg McMillan describes it as a “Pace Booster” and a beneficial workout to complete base training and the initial part of the stamina phase.  The pace is somewhere between your half marathon and your 30K race pace.  Start at 15 minutes and build to as much as an hour and 15 minutes if you can.

I know my speed is getting better because running on the treadmill for 15 minutes at a 1-2% incline with the speed set to 7.9 – 8.5 wasn’t that bad.  A year ago, I could have never done it. My easy runs outside are also faster and fall somewhere between a pace of 9:40 and 9:00 on most days when running over an hour.

Working with weights is also important in building your running muscles.  I think strength training is mandatory in a running program so Monday PM was half an hour of legs and abs.  The rest of the week looks like this:  (just in case you want to train with me)…

Tuesday:  Cross train= Chest & Arms, Cycle 30 – 40 minutes. Was suppose to do an easy run of 30-40 minutes but my heel still hurt so I walked it with Shane.

Wednesday:  75 – 90 minute medium range run.

Thursday:  Cross train = back & shoulders, Cycle 30 minutes.  Easy run 50 – 60 minutes. *Will probably have to do the weights or the cycling in the PM since there isn’t that much time to spare in the mornings.

Friday: Day OFF

Saturday:  16 – 17 mile long run.  Easy run, just enjoy the day and being out in the fresh air. No pressure.


I found a new snack.  It’s ALMOST natural


Green peas, corn oil, rice, salt, calcium carbonate, Vitamin C.

Serving size: 1 oz (these things are feather light!), about 22 pieces.


Calories: 130, 60 from fat.

Sodium 100 mg

Total Carbohydrate 15 g

Fiber 3 g (sugar less than 1 g)

Protein 4 g

Calcium 6%, Iron 6%

“Farm to table” freshness boasted by FARMTT “Think healthy*Act Green”

These little peas are so light and crisp, a little salt to satisfy that salty snack attack.  A serving size of 22 pieces was 11 pieces over what I could eat.

They’re a good, guilt free,  go to green bean with SNAP.  Cool!


Have you discovered any new sustainable lifestyle snacks lately?


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  • At 2011.08.02 12:19, Heather said:

    I love those Snapea Crisps! I get them at Trader Joe’s all the time!!

    • At 2011.08.02 22:08, Pam said:

      That’s great you are getting faster!! Keep up the awesome work 🙂
      Love that Hammer Gel is your fuel of choice now! Got our shipment last week and they gave us a ton of samples too!!

      • At 2011.08.04 01:17, The Green Girl said:

        Congratulations on the speed improvement, girl! Whoo hoo!

        I am so addicted to those Snapea Crisps. Yum!

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