Run Faster and Food Safety

by Joanne on July 1, 2011

If a squatty, short legged alligator can sprint faster than a human, why can’t I get my legs moving faster during a road race?


My breath is good. I don’t puff and pant, cough nor snort.

out of breath

I don’t hang my head. I try to focus forward, driving to the next point.

hang head

My body doesn’t hurt anywhere.

body pain

I DO tighten up a bit, as evidenced in this photo where my shoulders are almost attached to my ears…

joe running

But most of all, it’s just those darned legs. They refuse to go any faster.

tina turner

Does it simply come down to the laws of biophysics?

Laws of Biophysics: mathematical laws of nature that make detailed predictions about the forces that drive idealized systems.


Arm pumping, willpower, a strong belief system, inspirational quotes, and everything you’ve tried won’t get you to the finish line any faster than your training and biomechanics will allow. That’s it. That’s what it comes down to. Training will get us to a peak point in our fitness but nature will draw the line on the best we can be.

Should we one day say to ourselves “Oh well. Guess that’s the best I can do.” NO WAY! You never know what tomorrow will bring. We all have good days and we have bad. Sure there are factors that will slow us down as time goes by, but why not have a BLAST putting up a good fight?!

So… If a squatty, short legged alligator can sprint faster than a human,

gator run

why can’t I get my legs moving faster during a road race? They can I need to WORK HARDER AND QUIT COMPLAINING!


What do you think? Will you give in to your perceived limitations or will you fight harder?


This Fourth of July Weekend – Practice Food Safety

Be careful this July when hosting your picnic – there’s BACTERIA out there!


While processors are making the effort to provide safe food, consumers need to be aware that careful preparation and proper storage before and after cooking go a long way to reduce bacteria counts. In addition, cooking to a temperature of 160°F will kill most bacteria, further reducing the possibility of foodborne illness. Health Canada, FDA and USDA provide helpful hints to minimize the possibility of getting sick from meat and other foods that may have bacteria on it when purchased.

chickpea salad

Chickpea Salad with Lemon Dressing.

Have a GREAT weekend!
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  • At 2011.07.01 11:20, Lisa said:

    I think you got what it takes! You are a true inspiration! Have a fantastic weekend! Have a fantastic July 4th!
    take care,

    • At 2011.07.02 10:12, Heather said:

      You’re so speedy already! If you go any faster you might beat that cheetah!! 🙂
      Happy 4th!

      • At 2011.07.04 03:16, The Green Girl said:

        I ask myself this very question.

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