CEimB Vanilla Spice Oatmeal

by Joanne on January 20, 2011

We are all so particular about our oatmeal, this recipe was definitely met with apprehension. Since I very often get stuck in my strict diet regimen (I know, I know …but it isn’t ME who eats all those baked goods!),  I tried to open myself up to this recipe and only do the smallest of tweaking.  All in the name of open minded eating. 

This week’s CEimB pick is by Mary of Popsicles and Sandy Feet . A good pick and the perfect opportunity for Ted and I to enjoy oatmeal in a different way.  Did I say enjoy?!


Makes 4 servings

· 3 ½ cups boiling water

· ¼ tsp salt

· 2 cups Old Fashioned oats

· ½ cup raisins

· 2 TBS toasted chopped walnuts (put in toaster oven on aluminum foil. Watch carefully, when they begin to brown remove)

· ½ tsp vanilla extract

· 1/8 tsp nutmeg

· 1 rounded TBS brown sugar

· 4 TBS Low fat Half & Half (I didn’t have any milk. In Ellie’s recipe 1 cup of milk is called for)

· cinnamon to taste

In a large pot, add the oats and pour on the boiling water. Return the oats and water to a boil then reduce heat to low and simmer for 5 minutes. Stir often.

Add the vanilla, nutmeg, and raisins. Add the brown sugar and mix in.

Distribute oatmeal into bowls and top with 1 TBS half & half or ¼ cup milk. Top with toasted nuts and sprinkle on the cinnamon.


Taste Test Results:

Ted said “That’s a lot better than how I make it”.

Joanne said “It’s good, I’ll admit but I still enjoy mine a little less creamy with steel cut oats, banana, and raisins.

It was a breakfast that made us feel good about ourselves that’s for sure. Healthy, nutritious and filling. Perfect!

On the same “oatmeal” note, the following recipe is interesting from the Harried Housewife.  You could easily turn Ellie’s recipe into this baked version.

  • 2 cups old fashioned oats
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1 ripe medium, MASHED  banana
  • 1 ripe medium, SLICED banana
  • 1 egg
  • 1/3 cup packed brown sugar
  • 1 3/4 cup reduced fat milk
  • 1 TBS butter, melted
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 350 deg.  Coat an 8 x 8 baking dish with nonstick spray.  In a bowl, mix the oats, baking powder, cinnamon, salt.   In another bowl, mash 1 banana.  Now add the egg, brown sugar, milk, butter, and vanilla to the mashed banana. Add to the oat mix and combine.  Add the sliced banana, stir into oat mix.   Transfer to prepared dish.  Bake until lightly brown, 30 – 35 min.  Let stand 5 min. before serving.  Drizzle each serving with additional milk, if desired.  Makes 6 servings. 

If anyone has made Baked Oats, let me know how they turned out.

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  • At 2011.01.20 07:02, Joanne said:

    I’m definitely always a bit apprehensive about trying new oatmeal recipes. I’m a stickler for my tried and true version.

    But this does sound quite delicious. Especially for those of us who are vanilla fiends!

    • At 2011.01.20 08:09, Heather said:

      I’m particular about my oatmeal, too. Funny.
      I’ve made baked oats, but for some reason I feel like I don’t get as much so I prefer them in a bowl. What can I say, I like volume!

      • At 2011.01.20 08:40, claudia lamascolo/aka pegasuslegend said:

        Sorry I missed so much here!!! I have had to work long hours an way behind! Missed your blog 🙂 this looks awesome.. looking at that creamy bowl of healthy goodness sure would be great in front of me this minute! Hope your staying warm… have a wonderful day! Claudia

        • At 2011.01.20 08:52, Joanne said:

          Me too! My eyes are JUST AS BIG as my belly. I can fit it all in there. If it’s biologically

          possible to have hollow legs, I got ’em.

          • At 2011.01.20 08:53, Joanne said:

            Joanne – You really could taste the vanilla. That made this bowl of oats all the better.

            • At 2011.01.20 09:32, peggy said:

              Joanne, your photo is amazing. Mine looks like I stirred it around and it has crap all over the sides of the bowl. I wasn’t impressed with mine and maybe my photos reflected that. I subbed out with risotto and it just was plain and bland. Oh well. . I tried!!

              • At 2011.01.20 10:26, karen said:

                I love oatmeal in almost any form–it’s what I have for breakfast most mornings. (This morning it was Irish oatmeal with natural peanut butter, a little bit of brown sugar, and a splash of skim milk.)

                I have made baked oatmeal before. It was fine but not fabulous, and no one else in my family really liked it, so it works better for me to make individual bowls of oatmeal. Both of my little girls like oatmeal. My husband thought he didn’t like oatmeal until he actually tasted it–he decided he likes it, but he’s still not much of a breakfast eater.

                • At 2011.01.20 12:20, Lori said:

                  Haha – I couldn’t click on this post fast enough. I loves me some oats. I am always willing to try all kinds of things with oats!

                  I still love the egg whites whisked in for custard style, though. That’s my favorite. I was just thinking last night about trying baked oatmeal. Might be something for Saturday morning…

                  • At 2011.01.20 14:07, Bri said:

                    I am pretty sure you’d have to love oatmeal to truly appreciate this recipe. I can see that you do, and it’s always good to try a new variation on an old favorite. I’m sorry to say that oatmeal just wasn’t a hit at my house, but I’m still glad I tried it!

                    • At 2011.01.20 15:54, Juliana said:

                      Oatmeal is one of our favorite breakfast, therefore I am happy so learn more recipes…vanilla add to it must taste yummie…have to try this one soon 🙂

                      • At 2011.01.20 22:09, kalli said:

                        oh i love the idea of baked oats! lately i have been eating instant oats because we are remodeling our kitchen and it all we can do. your oats look wonderful!

                        • At 2011.01.20 23:57, Monet said:

                          I wish I was more of an oatmeal girl…I just can’t get myself to like it! Maybe I need you to come over and make me a bowl…because yours always end up looking so good! Thank you for sharing…one day I’m going to give oats another try!

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                            • At 2011.01.21 11:54, Mary said:

                              I agree with Joanne! Great post. Thanks so much for cooking along with me.

                              • At 2011.01.23 08:18, Kayte said:

                                Can I have both the blueberries and the nuts on mine please??? Seriously all looks great, we enjoyed this recipe and I was surprised at how flavorful it was in the end. Beautiful photos of it…now I need to go back and steal that soup recipe you have posted up there.

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