Make your own Shampoo and SNICKERS

by Joanne on July 6, 2010

The long weekend had to end.  It was back to work and it all started in the gym.

  • Warm up:  3.1 mile run on the treadmill
  • Weights:  Legs and abs for 45 minutes – GREAT LEG WORKOUT!  I’m surprised I had it in me.
  • Ending with a 3.2 mile road run. Shane was dragging.   I got fed up with the ultra slow pace and started egging him on.  We finished at an easy run pace closer to normal.  It was hot, 72 degrees, and humid.  The air was heavy and made every step feel like something was pressing me down.

The heat is going to get worse for 2 reasons:  1. The temps are suppose to approach 92 today and 93 tomorrow.  2. Our air conditioner decided to take a vacation. SOMEONE warned SOMEONE -last week about it. But SOMEONE pooh-poohed it away say it happens every year.  The lesson to be learned here is:   Listen to your spouse!

Did you get your exercise in over the long weekend?  Walking, Running, Cycling, Swimming, other?

 Homemade Shampoo and Fun Food:

What could be better than making your own ORGANIC shampoo?  I did it over the weekend.  Okay – I concede, I bought Dr. Bronners Magic Castille liquid mild unscented soap and added my own essential oils.   But I did SHAKE the bottle!  

I got the idea because I wanted a Citronella shampoo to keep summer bugs away from Shane. So this was really made for him but I tested it on myself first.  The result was pretty good: 

  • not sticky
  • nice soft hair
  • no shine though
  • there may be a bit of a film but my hair still felt good.  
  • Shane’s hair came out beautiful and he smelled so nice.


Here’s my concoction which I will continue to tweak a little. 

Look how nicely it soaped up!  Love it!

DSC_4960 DSC_4961

  • 3/4 cup Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Castile Soap with organic oils
  • 1/2 cup organic Avocado Oil
  • 1 TBS 100% Pure Aloe Vera
  • 1 tsp Shea Butter (unrefined Fair Trade)
  • 2 drops Rosemary (essential oil)
  • 2 drops Ylang Ylang (essential oil)
  • 4 drops Citronella (sweet orange)

Put all the above into a shaker bottle and give it a shake. It will keep for about a month or until you use it up.

Castile soap: White soap made from olive oil. Generally about 40 – 50% and above.

Avocado Oil:  Contains vitamins A,D, E, potassium, sulfur, and chlorine.  It has penetrating power to get those essential vitamins through the skin.

Aloe Vera:  Healing properties for the skin

Shea Butter:  Moisturizing

Essential Oils:  Rosemary conditions the scalp and stimulates hair growth.  Ylang Ylang is aromatic and thought to tighten the skin. * Be careful with Ylang Ylang as it is more prone to cause allergic reactions.  Citronella is a well known insect repellent as well as giving hair a sheen.

Next time I make it, I will add some oil of clove for dark hair since Shane is a beautiful black. If you make your own shampoo or soap, any tips?

Ok foodies!  Now is the time to make your own Snickers bars.  Why? Because you can make them good but a tad or two healthier (depending on your description of healthier).


My partner at work sent me this huge .pdf file on Top Secret Recipes.  I said “I never knew you were into recipes. Where did you find this?”  He said “I’m not. Whose-a-ma-flit sent me the file”.  My partner is our engineer… Mechanical that is NOT Food Engineering.


I modified the recipe I saw for Snickers Bars :

  • leave out the corn syrup  and replace it with honey.  
  • reduce the amount of caramel, simply used 10 less caramels. 
  • use dark chocolate chips instead of milk chocolate chips. 

The result is a “home grown Snickers”.  Ted does not want to be left unsupervised with these bars.  They are just TOO good!


  • 1/4 cup honey (original recipe called for corn syrup)
  • 2 TBS unsalted butter – room temperature
  • 1/8 cup Natural Peanut Butter
  • 1 TBS vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 3 cups confectioners sugar (powdered sugar)
  • 25 Caramels (such as Kraft or Brachs) – wrappers removed (original recipe used 35 caramels)
  • 1 cup unsalted, dry roasted peanuts
  • 12 oz Dark Chocolate chips (original recipe used milk chocolate chips)

Spray lightly a 9×9 square baking pan with non-stick baking spray.

Mix together the honey, butter, peanut butter, vanilla, salt and confectioners sugar. When well mixed and of a dough consistency, press into the prepared 9 x9 pan.  Let chill in the refrigerator.


Melt the caramels in a pan over low heat, stirring often (I used a wooden popsicle stick for easier clean up).  When soft and smooth, add the peanuts and IMMEDIATELY pour over the nougat you have in the refrigerator.  The caramel will become hard to spread quickly so do this spreading fast.    Let cool in the fridge.


After the nougat, caramel and nuts have set firm, melt the chocolate chips in a double boiler.  Remove the refrigerated pan and slice into bars or bite size pieces.  Remove the chocolate chips when melted and begin dipping the sliced bars into the chocolate to coat.   Let set at room temp. or cool in the fridge. 


The bars are slightly softer than Snickers when left unrefrigerated, or refrigerate for a firmer more “Snicker-like” bar.  NOTE:  You will notice the chocolate takes on a grayish film when put in the fridge. It’s absolutely nothing to worry about. This is called “bloom” and it’s when the cocoa butter comes to the surface.  The bars are ok to eat, but just don’t look as nice.


A really easy recipe and there are so many ways you can make minor adjustments for a healthier Snicker!  

What other changes could we make to this recipe for a healthier bar?


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  • At 2010.07.06 15:45, Jenn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog) said:

    😮 those “Snickers” look AMAZING! My husband saw an article on Life Hacker not too long ago with a recipe for homemade Snickers. Now that I’ve seen yours, I just might have to give in to hubby’s desire, lol.

    I’ve also been thinking about homemade soaps + shampoos, how cool! I’m going to have to try that, too. 🙂


    • At 2010.07.06 16:11, Joanne said:

      The Snickers were really easy. Give them a try but don’t expect to eat only one.

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        • At 2010.07.06 16:44, Indi said:

          Totally want that snicker bar!!! Yummm!! Better than the yogurt, blueberry and granola I’m snacking on now.
          Nice work on the workout! I had a really bad stiff neck most of the weekend, but did 1.5hr of yoga yesterday and back to regular workouts today!

          • At 2010.07.06 17:24, Joanne said:

            Great job on the yoga – that’s the way to help the stiff neck.

            • At 2010.07.06 17:01, Lick My Spoon said:

              man you are inspiring me to hit the gym….
              those snickers look worth the workout though 🙂

              • At 2010.07.06 17:25, Joanne said:

                They really were. 🙂

                • At 2010.07.06 23:59, runnerforever said:

                  Those “Snickers” look incredible!

                  • At 2010.07.07 11:04, Joanne said:

                    They really, really were. I had to bring some to work to save us from ourselves.

                    • At 2010.07.07 01:34, Monet said:

                      Wow! Not only make your own shampoo, but snickers bars too! I love DIY, and so posts like these always get me super excited. I am going to try experimenting with making my own shampoo too. If only I could make my own conditioner though…I go through so much!

                      • At 2010.07.07 11:04, Joanne said:

                        Check out the book by Jeanne Rose because she does offer conditioner recipes as well.

                        • At 2010.07.07 13:54, kalli@fitandfortysomething said:

                          ok first i was gonna comment on the shampoo-how cool….but then the snickers oh my goodness girl-you have out done yourself-delicious! i ran my 5 K over the weekend and got first in my age group! yay!

                          • At 2010.07.07 15:13, Joanne said:

                            Congratulations on your win! Way to go. Great race, Kalli!

                            • At 2010.07.07 14:37, cami said:

                              Brilliant site, first of all!… I truly love learning from your many culinary AND fitness adventures! On these homemade Snickers, any chance you’ve run the nutritionals and compared to the commercial version? It would be tremendously interesting to review the ‘before’ and ‘after’. Thanks & CHEERS!

                              • At 2010.07.07 15:14, Joanne said:

                                Not so sure the nutrition would change in a major way. There still should be a health advisory on these bars. They are too good and certainly can’t be incorporated as a part of a regular healthy diet. But treating youself once and a while makes sense. 🙂

                                • At 2010.07.09 16:34, kilax said:

                                  Oh geez. Those bars look dangerously good!

                                  • At 2010.07.09 20:05, kilax said:

                                    My husband and I were looking over the recipe, and don’t see where the confectioner’s sugar goes! Is it with the nougat?

                                    • At 2010.07.10 10:21, Joanne said:

                                      EeeK! I just corrected it. I left it out. You are right – it is added to the nougat. Sorry ’bout that.

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