CEimB: Easy Chicken-Mushroom… Quesadillas?

by Joanne on October 22, 2009

This weeks recipe was chosen by Marthe of Culinairy Delights.  There was so much flavor in this dish.  The warm flavors of cumin and chile powder mixed with oregano was unique and married perfectly. 

You’ll soon be wondering, as you look at the photos, what the heak I made.  You’ll think ..”THOSE aren’t Quesadillas!!!”.   You will be SO right.


We have been enjoying so much bread and wraps lately, I couldn’t bring myself to serve up another dinner dish using tortillas. I decided to serve the main ingredients in lettuce leaves.  Hence:  Easy Chicken-Mushroom Lettuce Wraps.

Ted helped prepare the lettuce..


while I cooked my Quorn and his Chicken…



In order to serve this with melted cheese, the wraps had to be placed under a very hot broiler but for a VERY short time otherwise the lettuce would be gross. Most likely burned and wilted. We didn’t want that. 

All the ingredients was used as mentioned in the recipe found HERE. The oil, onion, baby button bellas, garlic, cumin, chili powder, oregano, spinach leaves (I forgot to slice in ribbons but it wilted and worked fine as whole leaves), salt, black pepper, Mexican Mixed Cheese, and Salsa. 

I left out the sour cream, we wouldn’t use it.  I used lettuce leaves instead of Tortillas.


We really enjoyed this dinner without guilt.  I did cook Ted’s chicken with BBQ sauce but not the Quorn (vegetarian substitute for chicken or other meat).   My dinner was SO good. I had two helpings.


Ted couldn’t stop eating his dinner either and went for 3 servings.  Since we didn’t have any dessert, our additional helpings didn’t count as “gluttony”…. right?!      I want to think so. 

My sister made the Quesadillas from Ellie’s book and this is her review:

No picture this time as I made this last week.  I have to say there was
nothing but good comments around the table, everyone loved this.  Because
there wasn’t any leftover chicken I had to pre-cook the chicken which added
to the time but all in all this was an easy one.  I couldn’t find the 6″
whole wheat tortillas so substituted the plain 8″.  Everything went
according to plan until I tried to turn the tortilla in the frying pan,
“wall to wall filling”!  A fahita maker would have come in handy at this
point.  After picking the filling up and restuffing the tortilla it was
definitely a hit.   Any suggestions as to how to “flip it” without “losing
it” would be appreciated.

What a terrific pick, Marthe.  This will make another appearance at our house.


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  • At 2009.10.22 10:47, Lauryn said:

    I LOVE that you made these into lettuce wraps!!! great job thinking outside the box!! Yours look delicious and I am glad you and Ted enjoyed them!!!!! One day I will have to try Quorn! I am intrigued!! 🙂

    • At 2009.10.22 12:24, sara said:

      lettuce wraps was super smart! I stuffed mine with some leftover roasted veggies and they were delicious.

      • At 2009.10.23 01:01, Leslie said:

        I love what you did with these! They look delicious!

        • At 2009.10.23 09:09, Marthe said:

          Using lettuce for wraps is an ingenious idea! I must admit I also had two helpings….
          As for the ‘flipping’ problem your sister had: I only topped one half of the tortilla and folded the other half of the tortilla over the filling. Now you can flip the tortilla with less chance of losing the filling!

          Thanks for cooking with me this week!

          • At 2009.10.24 16:54, Liz said:

            I love the idea of making this into lettuce wraps! I need to start paying more attention to my carbs 🙁 so this is a great substitute. What kind of lettuce is that you used? I seem to have a hard time finding one that is the right texture.

            • At 2009.10.24 21:33, Kayte said:

              What a great idea with the lettuce wrap…I had leftover mixture as there was no way I could get ALL that into two 10 inch tortillas without having to flip and everything come flying out, so I am going to use the leftovers in wraps…thank you so much for suggesting it. They look delicious.

              • At 2009.10.25 16:13, Joanne said:

                Liz: Did you do the Quesadillas this week? I didn’t see the post when I checked your blog.
                As for the lettuce, that was simply iceburg lettuce. I would imagine romaine would also work well as it offers a longer flatter leaf.
                I was toying with using green cabbage for the larger, less curly leaves but I didn’t think Ted would like the raw cabbage as much as the softer lettuce. I happen to love raw cabbage. Guess I get that from my mother.

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