Fit at fifty plus: A recipe for youth

by Joanne on August 15, 2017

Ok, here it is, I’m over fifty. Wow that was tough since I never think of myself over 20, well, maybe 30. As long as I don’t lean in to close to the mirror and let the wrinkles remind me or let the stiffness when leaning over to tie shoes act like a slap to the head, I’ll go through my day like a 30 something.  I’ll order my favorite coffee standing tall exuding confidence until the young barista gives me the senior discount without even asking.  Sure I saved some money but really, do I look THAT OLD!

Age is just a number. Let’s make 50 the new 30.  Keep the body fit and the mind will follow.  Here’s how to do it and, by the way, there is no pill in this recipe.

Recipe for youth.  No baking required.  Makes enough for a lifetime


4 cups eating well

3 cups of exercise

2 cups of forgiveness

1 cup of positive thinking

1 cup of sleep

1 cup of self improvement


Eating well is the “egg” to this recipe. Nutrition binds everything together to give us the mental and physical means to feel good mentally and physically. Three to four meals per day with healthy protein, carbohydrates and fats at every meal.  The protein builds muscle and brain power.  Carbohydrates give us the fuel to move through our day with the energy to succeed.  Fat delivers the nutrients in our foods quickly and efficiently through our body.  Healthy protein would be lots of sustainable seafood (if you are unsure of what is sustainable, here is a link:, protein rich grains such as quinoa (reference here:, lean meats such as turkey, chicken, or the occasional lean red meat.  Carbohydrates include lots of vegetables and fruits as well as whole grains, sweet potatoes, and squash such at butternut, buttercup, and acorn.   Add a little healthy fat by way of olive oil, coconut oil for cooking and baking and add avocado to a salad or make a dressing with mashed avocado.

Exercise is an easy and fun addition to life. Make sure you enjoy something that gets your heart rate up at least 30 minutes a day.  After all, what is 30 minutes out of your entire day? Not much if you think about it. Aerobic exercise, weight bearing movements, and stretching comprise the perfect fitness combination.  Aerobic exercise will make you lose weight but a lot of it will decrease muscle mass as well so be sure to get into the gym or out in the yard for some heavy lifting a couple of times per week.  Stretching is a necessity as we age because of the loss of flexibility.  Simple stretches for 10 minutes to wake you up or before sleep is perfect.

Combine forgiveness of self and others on a daily basis. Accept that mistakes happen or the wrong words are said.  When it comes to other people, remember we don’t know their situation or the influence behind the action. Forgive, forget, and love your neighbor.

Wake up every morning with a positive thought. Turn negativity around and try to be positive.  Positive people smile more.  Smiling helps bring positivity to light. If it’s an especially difficult time, help another person overcome a challenge. Helping others is the best way to help ourselves.

Sleep is not an optional ingredient. To bring all the above together, the body and mind needs to rest and repair.  Cells are rebuilt at times of rest. Not everyone needs 8 hours of sleep every night but a solid 6 to 7 hours will allow recovery from the challenges of the day.

Lastly, but again not optional is self improvement. Always try to be a better you.  Whether you want to increase your knowledge of geography, science, or anything more specific, do it. Open a book and read.  Write down ways you believe you could be a better you and go for it. Set goals and move forward.

That’s my recipe for fitness at fifty plus. I said it again!  As I think about what I have and how I live my life, it doesn’t hurt to say it that much.  I’ve learned a lot and I’m still improving.  I work out almost every day and surround myself with positivity.  It’s a good life and I’ll continue to keep this recipe around for the rest of it.

What’s your favorite recipe for a healthy, fit, happy you?


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