Just a regular bowl of cherries, at least through August

by Joanne on June 4, 2017

We are coming into the ripening dates for cherries, according to the pickyourown.org/NYharvestcalendar.  Have you seen them in the stores?  They are all so deep red, shiny and mouthwatering fresh looking.  I’ve never been able to resist fresh cherries when they look so vibrant.

It’s been told that cherries pack a pretty awesome healthy punch such as, a better nights sleep, balance blood pressure, reduce muscle soreness, fighting cancer, weight reducer, and control gout.  From fresh cherries to cherry juice, it seems we can’t go wrong.   Source:  Eatingwell

As for a recipe using cherries there are a number of them from Better Homes and Garden’s Honey Soaked Quinoa Salad with Cherries and Cashews to Olive Cherry Bruschetta.  Of course you could use them in a smoothie if you like drinking a meal.  I like them au natural, right from the bowl.  So instead of grabbing a pretzel or something else that is void of any nutritional value, I keep a bowl of fresh, washed cherries on the table throughout the day. They don’t last long enough to go bad but if they make it more than a day, the refrigerator welcomes them with a cool safe home until morning when I’m ready to begin my binge on cherries once again.

Cherry juice, not for me.  Dried cherries, any time I can’t get fresh.  Fresh cherries, GIVE ME MORE!

What have you been eating lately that’s fresh and in season?


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