MCM Saturday and Expo

by Joanne on October 24, 2015

What I really wanted to do this Saturday before the Marine Corp Marathon was to join the Wear Blue To Remember runners for a 2 mile shake out run at the Mt. Vernon Trail.  I lay in bed at 6:30 am thinking we needed to get up to get ready.  Unfortunately, my thoughts went back and forth about getting on the metro, using up the limited funds on one card then getting back in time for an early visit to the expo.  We weren’t even sure about timing. 

I checked the schedule on my phone app for the train to Rosslyn. We had to get on the 7:15 to be there by 7:45 as the next one would let us off at 8:04 and we would miss the run.  No way. We lay there too long since when I discovered the time schedule, it was already 6:55.  We enjoyed a good shake out anyway, right out the door of our hotel to the National Mall.

Yes, another selfie! Ted did it this time and was a bit better at it.

Sat Run Memorial1 selfie

Construction at the memorials.

sat run mem2

sat run3

I ran/jogged 2 miles then walked with Ted. It was a bit cool so I ran to warm up then fell back to a walk with him.  Total outing was about 5 miles. 


We went to the Reflection Pool about half way approaching the Lincoln Memorial before turning back.

We had an excellent (but expensive) breakfast at the hotel which was an egg white omelet with spinach and mushrooms with fresh salad greens and dry rye toast on the side.  We shared a bowl of steel cut oats. The kitchen was kind enough to bake my traditional sweet potato (no microwave on the premises) so we waited about 40 minutes for this.

Expo Time!

I was disappointed in the expo.  It was over crowded with aisles that were hardly wide enough to accommodate the crowd. A very long walk from the entrance of the conference center to the MCM expo.

Sat expo1

We were getting frustrated with the lines.  We waited to pay for MCM gear from Brooks for over half an hour.   I picked up more gels, we grabbed a few freebies and made our way out by 12:30.   A band was playing on our way to the exit.

sat band1

Back to the hotel, ate the sweet potato, bought some water and a banana then it was off to Penn Station Sports Bar for lunch.  All we do is eat!!!

Grilled Salmon over garden greens with oil and vinegar and blue cheese crumbles.  Stuffed!  Ted went on a mission to find a museum of interest and I needed time off my feet so back to the hotel by 3pm.   Not the way I’d prefer to spend an afternoon in DC but my lower digits needed rest, they hurt.

It’s off to Fios for an Italian pasta meal tonight, rest and prep for tomorrow. Oorah!

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