MCM Friday Arrival

by Joanne on October 24, 2015

After a 7 plus hour drive, we were ready to enjoy a little taste of DC before getting into marathon mode.

I needed to relax. Being from upstate New York and not having to use public transportation, I was a bit stressed out regarding the metro system required to get to the starting line of the Marine Corp Marathon on Sunday.  I pre-purchased a Smartcard but we learned after stopping in at Union Station that I couldn’t hand off the card to Ted after passing through the turnstile.  He had to have his own. 

After buying a 2nd card, we stood staring at the rates and map looking completely confused.  So much so that a very nice commuter asked if he could help.  The info provided was helpful but it seems that not everyone who uses the metro and lives here knows it like the back of their hand.  We still had unanswered questions regarding Sunday’s commute.  We chose to forget that for now and just enjoy our evening.

First stop, The Georges Hotel Bistro for a fine glass of French wine.  Well, I tried but after a couple of tastings, fell back into my preferred California Chardonnay routine.  Ted however, did enjoy Cabernet Franc.   We were too busy being excited about our visit in the big city to remember photos.  Wait for dinner which was far from perfection or our expectations.

We had a little time before going to dinner at Charlie Palmer Steak House at 101 Constitution Ave. so we did a more walking around before going in the back way to CP’s. It was early and we were seated immediately at 6:30 pm.

Charlie Palmer

Interesting menu with limited choices for me (sans the meat)

CP menu

We both lit up when seeing the wine menu offered a Fess Parker Pinot Noir. Who could resist?!

A toast to a great weekend…whatever the outcome.

Fess Parker Pinot Noir

Complimentary prosciutto mousse (Ted said it was good)


Wonderful fresh and crisp salad with a lively vinaigrette

Garden Salad

Main course was Branzino.  The taste was very good but unfortunately neither one of our entrees was hot nor were the sides of roasted cauliflower and potatoes au gratin.  Hate to say it but the wine, coffee and the complimentary sweets were the most enjoyable part of the meal.  We expected better.


Best part of the meal:  Remnants of sweets and wine


We did some more walking and went across the street from our hotel, The Liaison Capitol Hill to the host hotel, the Hyatt.  The lobby was all decked out MCM style.  Oohrah!!


MCM sign

Then the wine must have kicked in and we got the giggles while trying to take a selfie. We had such a tough time and it took us so long that 3 different groups of people asked if we wanted them to take our photo. 


Meandering back across the street to The Liaison for a Nutty Irishman coffee for Ted and just the regular java for me.

Liason Capitol Hill

A fun night with nice weather in DC.  In bed by 10 in preparation for a busy Expo day Saturday and the chore of trying to figure out the Metro system so I can get to the starting line on Sunday.

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