2014 Race Schedule

by Joanne on December 5, 2013

Since marathon’s seem to be closing out so quickly, I made sure to register super early for any marathon in 2014 that I had my hopes on running.   Here is the list:
Jan. 1st: Myrtle Beach Prediction Run. 23:00 min., pace of 7:24

Mar.1st: Heart Run, 18.3 miles. Not as good as last year, my pace was slow at 9:33. I hope I can use the very cold temps. as a legit excuse but … maybe not.

Mar. 23rd: Syracuse Half Marathon:  1:51:54 net time. 8:33 pace. WAY off from last years 1:46 time and 3rd place win but my entire outlook was different this year. I wanted to start slow for the first 3 miles: 9:23, 9:24, 8:34. Pick it up to MP pace for the next 3: 8:29, 8:20, 8:25. Got into tempo run for the remainder of the race:  8:30(must have hit a hill), 8:18, 8:14, 8:12, 8:09, 8:19, 8:09.  So I did what I set out to do.

April 21st:  Boston Marathon: Last year 2013 3:46:16  2014 Marathon Recap HERE.  Time was 3:53:54. It was 40 deg. in the morning. Temp got up to 65, full sun, felt hot. Nothing hurt. Good run but started too fast so I lost it at 16 on.  Over all: 16383/31931.  Females: 5951/14356. Age: 410/1490.

May 4th:   Tacoma City, WA: Complete recap here.  Finished 6th in age group with a run 12 seconds better than Boston at 3:53:41. I didn’t like the hilly course. Lost mental endurance at the 19 mile point but pushed passed the 3:55 pacer in the last mile.  I’m really happy with my time. It was over 1000 ft elevation gain and my pace was equal to what I did in Boston which was no where near those kind of elevation profiles.

June 15th: Summer Sizzle:  5 mile race from Deerfield Wilderness Park.  38:24 (a 5 mile PR), pace 7:37/mile

July 13th:  Boilermaker 15K: 15K PR of 1:12:30 NET. 5th in age group of 388, pace 7:47, 1240 out of 11,893 finishers.

August 24: Turning Stone 1/2 Marathon Last years results/recap.  A new Half Marathon PR of 1:42:35 gun time.  Felt ok but pushed the pace on warm day.  Average Pace was 7:50 per mile.

Sept. 7:  Stampede 10K: Mustang Stamped  48:48  Training run. The 10K was put in the middle of an 18 mile training run. Ran the 10K with splits of  8:01, 7:42, 7:37, 7:48, 7:59, and 7:53

Oct. 5th:  Portland, OR:  Recap here.  Ran this as a training run with Ted.  He PR’d by 47 minutes.  I felt so good but ran very slow to stay with him.  5 hours, 29 seconds.

Nov. 2nd:  TCS NYCity Marathon:  Recap Here.  Not what I wanted it to be but considering the weather conditions, I should be grateful.  Time 3:54:42.


Have you scheduled your races yet?



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    I’m working on doing that today! I came across your blog via google when I was searching for the Hangover Run in Barneveld. I think we’re friends on Dailymile 🙂 Anyway, I was wondering if you knew whether or not the Hangover Run was happening in 2014 or not?


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