Fat Burning Soup

by Joanne on November 12, 2012

I’m not a believer in “fast fat reducing” diets.  I’m a believer of “life style” diets that promote healthy eating of a variety of nutritious ingredients. A diet that works will be one that you stick to for the rest of your life. It should allow maintaining a healthy weight and life style and not produce yo-yo effects because of the limited caloric intake.  In addition, diets that rigidly restrict fat and carbohydrates promote sugar and fat cravings.  Those diets just don’t work.

There may be some cases where the need for quick weight loss might be a medical requirement.  Since I’m not in the field of medicine, I’m not sure the following diet is still promoted for cardiovascular patients but what I am sure of is that the Fat Burning Soup recipe given for this diet is very easy to make and extremely satisfying.  Read on to evaluate the diet but unless you’re about to undergo heart surgery (and I sincerely hope none of you are), it’s a diet that is not recommended.

Following the 7 day diet plan is the recipe for a delicious vegetable soup, perfect for this time of year.

Fat Burn Soup

From Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital

A 7 day eating plan used as often as you like. If followed correctly, it gives you a feeling of well being by making you feel lighter and more energetic. The diet plan is fast fat burning. The secret is that you burn more calories than you take in. The diet DOES NOT allow drinking alcoholic beverages at any time due to the reduction of fat. If one must partake in drinking "hard" beverages, go off the diet at least 24 hours before taking in any alcohol.

Due to the differences in our digestive systems, the diet affects everyone differently. After a few days, most people feel more energetic. Eating a cup of bran or fiber is beneficial with this diet and, although black coffee is allowed, the craving for coffee might not exist after the third day.

  • Day 1: Eat any fruit except bananas. Eat only fruit and soup.
  • Day 2: All veggies until stuffed. Raw, frozen or canned. Leafy green preferred and stay away from dry beans, peas and corn. Eat veggies with a lot of the soup (recipe given below). Dinner should include a big baked potato with butter. BUT NO FRUIT.
  • Day 3: Eat all the soup, fruit, and veggies you want. No baked potato.
  • Day 4: Bananas and skimmed milk. Eat at least 3 bananas and drink as much milk as you can along with the soup. Bananas are higher in calories and carbohydrates as is the milk, but on this day, your body needs potassium and carbs, proteins and calcium to lessen cravings for sweets.
  • Day 5: Beef and tomatoes. If you are not a vegetarian, eat 10 – 20 ounces of beef and a can of tomatoes or as many as 6 tomatoes on this day. Eat soup at least once on this day.
  • Day 6: Beef and veggies: Eat to your heart’s content of beef and veggies. You can even have 2 to 3 steaks if you like with green leafy vegetables but no baked potato. Be sure to eat soup at least once on this day.
  • Day 7: Brown rice, unsweetened fruit juice and veggies. Stuff yourself full of soup.

If you have lost more than 17 lbs, stay off the diet for a minimum of two days before following it again.

There is NO bread, alcohol, carbonated drinks (including diet sodas), and absolutely no fried food allowed.

You MUST drink a lot of water, at least 6 – 8 glasses per day. You are allowed black coffee, unsweetened tea, unsweetened fruit drinks, cranberry juice, and skimmed milk.

Delicious Vegetable Soup

This recipe for fat burning soup can be eaten anytime you feel hungry. Eat as much as you want.

Floors Soup and Cookies7


  • 2 large cans diced tomatoes
  • 6 large green onions chopped
  • 1 large can of beef broth *or vegetarian substitute
  • 1 package onion soup mix
  • 1 bunch celery, chopped
  • 2 x 15 oz cans green beans
  • 2 green peppers, chopped
  • 2 lbs carrots, chopped
  • seasonings of choice such as curry, herbs, salt and pepper, etc.

Put all the above in a large pot, season with salt and pepper, curry, parsley, or if desired hot sauce. Make sure you cut the vegetables small to medium size, and cover with water. Boil fast for 10 minutes then reduce to a simmer and cook until all veggies are tender. *You’ll notice I did not cut the veggies small.  I like big chunks of vegetables in my soup.

NOTE:  You CAN NOT eat this soup alone for prolonged periods of time.  It lacks essential nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. Enjoy the soup but don’t become malnourished.

Floors Soup and Cookies4

What fad diets have you heard of that might have good recipes but would be silly to follow for an extended period of time?

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  • At 2012.11.13 02:52, Choc Chip Uru said:

    Wow my mum makes a soup similar but I think this would be a perfect way to go pre-formal 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

    • At 2012.11.13 07:01, Christin@FortMillSCLiving said:

      Boy that is one strange diet! Soup looks really good and I have a bunch of those onion soup packets to use up. Kept getting coupons for them a while back!

      • At 2012.11.13 08:43, Ali @ Peaches and Football said:

        I did this diet once YEARS ago with some college friends. I remember the lady thought we were crazy the day we went to the store and bought tons of bananas. She thought we had a monkey at home. 😉

        Silliest diet food I’ve heard of is the cookie diet. I know a gal who spent over $500 on cookies from one of the chain health stores. I don’t know why she thought that was balanced… and I think she maybe lost 5 pounds in the course of several months.

        • At 2012.11.13 13:25, Zsofi said:

          That seems to be the perfect one for me, I’m doing a hard diet right now and I had been searching for nice fat burning recipes for a couple of days when I found your article. Thanks for the recipe, I’m going to give it a try as soon as possible!

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