An Empty Nest

by Joanne on July 20, 2012

The heat, the humidity, chasing puppies, all got the better of me on Thursday.  I couldn’t get out of bed to do my mid range run of 100 minutes.  My eyes felt as if bowling balls were attached to the lids and pulling them closed.  I took the day off from exercise but decided I would plan on doing my 20 mile run a day early since I had such a good rest on Thursday.

20 miles went pretty slow this Friday morning.  I enjoyed the scenery in the switchbacks a little too much and slowed my pace waaayyy down, with the excuse of doing a fast finish 6 miles. That didn’t happen so my overall pace was a ten minute mile for 20 miles. It was still within my estimated long run training range but a disappointment in the end.

And this is how it went….

It was early and the switchbacks were just showing some light through the heavy wooded area. Along the path, I came across an empty bird nest.

bird nest on the trail

Since I was running the trail twice and the switchbacks loop around, I would pass this nest in my path four times.  As I passed the nest the second time I wondered how long it had been there and if it would still be there as I came around again.  Then it occurred to me that if it WASN’T there when I came around again, that would creep me out since I wouldn’t be alone in the woods. Eeeerrrie!

There was nothing to worry about as the nest stayed where it was, in the middle of the pathway, every time I passed.

On went my run.  I started out without Shane. He didn’t come downstairs when I was ready to leave and since his days are spent in endless play with Zoey, I figured he was too tired, as I was on Thursday. I let him rest even though I would have liked him with me at 4:30 am.

I headed toward the end of Culver Ave. (Boilermaker starting line) then back tracked towards the golf course where I ran the switchbacks twice. I headed up to the Eagle and along Oneida, down to Genesee, only seeing two other runners and one walker. How things change after the Boilermaker!

From Genesee, I went back along the Parkway and down Mohawk to go around MVCC. As I ran towards the college I thought I saw Ted walking Shane and I started to cry. I missed my puppies! I missed my running buddy! and  I was tired as I approached 18 1/2 miles. There was a weird piercing pain in my stomach and I JUST WANTED TO BE DONE.

It wasn’t Ted and Shane. They, as was Zoey, were waiting for me at home when I blew in the door just before 8 am.  Not as sore as I have been on long runs but pretty wiped out. The pain in my stomach went away after a warm bath.

Running Fuel: A 26.2 mini loaf at 2 am.  A banana before I left on my run. Honey Stinger Waffle Cookie at miles 5 and 10.

chocolate honey stinger waffle

*The first Honey Stinger was a honey flavored waffle cookie which I liked better than the chocolate.

At mile 15, I had 2 Powergel chews and at mile 17, 2 honey stinger chews.  I drank only 8 oz of water which was a bad move on my part but it was a cooler morning, less humid and I guess the lack of heavy air didn’t remind me of my need for water.

When I got home, half a bottle of Fat Free Chocolate milk hit the spot just perfectly! But I was also craving Gatorade so chugged half a bottle of that as well. The two don’t normally mix unless you’ve just run 20 miles and become somewhat dehydrated.


That’s the first 20 out of the way for this Air Force Marathon training program. I have a few more to go. Hopefully they’ll get a bit faster. I don’t like being out there for over 3 hours even if I do stop now and then to “smell the roses”.

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  • At 2012.07.20 11:41, misszippy1 said:

    The humidity is really rough this summer. I think we all need to let our expectations slide a bit right now. You banked the miles and that’s what counts!

    • At 2012.07.20 19:15, claudia @whats cookin italian cuisine said:

      Interesting how different weather is its raining in Florida everyday and not too hot! I hear up there its so hot not rain weird.

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