Turning Stone 5K Run

by Joanne on August 20, 2011

It was the first race held at The Turning Stone Casino Resort in Vernon, New York.  The run was a 5K.  It wasn’t the usual fast and furious 5K crowd I’m used to seeing at local races.  In fact, when we were lining up at the starting line, no one seemed to want to be in front.  It was kind of amusing.  But – lets back track…

The bike ride to the event:

The race time was changed from 5 pm to 6 pm. This forced us to change our cycle route because if we took off from home there was no way we would make it back after the race before dark.  We decided to park on Seneca Turnpike which gave us a 16 mile ride.  That was do-able in just over an hour.  If we didn’t stick around after the 5K, we could make it back to the car before it got dark.

The route was rolling with gentle, short inclines.  There was just one section coming out of Westmoreland where the speed limit was 55 mph for vehicles.  A truck went speeding past us and I felt the bike almost go out from under me.  The wind seemed to scoop the tires from the bottom.  A weird and scary feeling.  As we approached the casino, we could see the long line of traffic on the thruway at a stand still.  We later found out there was a fire and all West bound traffic was held up and re-routed.  Glad we rode the bikes!


We locked the bikes in  the parking garage and made our way to the Expo.  It was about 3:45 and we had a lot of time to kill. I was expecting a lot of vendors and a big crowd but it was a disappointment.


So now what do we do?!  We relaxed, we walked, we met up with some fellow Road Runner friends (Congrats again Jim on the new GRANDSON!) and then we waited.  At 5:00, we checked our bike helmets and bags at coat check then went for a warm up run and… it…. was… WARM so we didn’t do too much.  We needed water and there was HEED offered at the EXPO but I was craving a good dose of plain H20.  One of the Casino managers overheard me telling Ted about my water craving and he pointed me in the direction of the race registration table where they had a stash under the table.  Ah!   Water relief!

It was time to line up.


As I said earlier, no one seemed in a hurry to get up front.  Ted and I were running slow so we didn’t want to be up there.  Some brave young souls volunteered.  After the National Anthem, we were off.  I stayed with Ted for just over 2 miles then decided to find my friend Bonnie who we saw earlier.  Bonnie had her ear phones in when I caught up to her. I’m sure her music was better than my chittering, chattering, clucking, SQUAWKING!  Poor Bonnie.  Ted was glad to get rid me and my endless conversation now Bonnie had to suffer.  But it was great (at least for me) to run with Ted then Bonnie.  I had so much fun and found out that Bonnie is a Tennis Champion!  Her upper body is to die for.  Seriously,  Bonnie, if you’re reading this, I’m jealous!

The course:  It was a flat course except for one very short incline just past the 2 mile point.  The course offered country scenes of farms and fields.  The roads were good so footing wasn’t a problem and there was one water stop just after mile 2, at the top of that short hill.  There were folks cheering for runners toward the end of the course and a large turnout of support at the finish line.   It was a well put together 5K run with approximately 200 or so runners.  The 10K and Half marathon on Sunday has close to 500 signed up.  Not a bad turnout for a first year race.  Hope they do it again.

There were fruits and pizza offered after the race.  The fruit wasn’t cut nor peeled.  Whole apples, bananas, oranges, peaches and really delicious looking pizza. There were servers on hand (how offered do we get servers after a race?!) but we had a race against time and couldn’t stay.  Ted grabbed a banana and we were off to cycle home.

The champions at the finish line:


Rick, Bonnie, Ted, and Joanne  – WINNERS!

The ride home:

The time was approaching 7 pm and we had to make tracks if we wanted to get to the car before dark.  A quick transition in the garage and we were off and pedaling.

It seemed like we rode faster home but we were about 5 minutes slower.  The last 5 miles were rough. I had hamstring, hip and back pain. Not to mention both our rear ends were feeling the 32 mile ride.  PHEW! We made it and before putting the bikes up or doing anything else, we called O’Scugnizzo’s for pizza.

What a great day! What a great ride and fun, fun, fun run.  The foot was fine, no worse anyway.

Make sure to check out tomorrows Taste of Utica pasta recipe. It looks good, although I haven’t made it yet and then… another race recap:  The Turning Stone Half Marathon.  Yikes!

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  • At 2011.08.20 08:59, Lori said:

    You did a duathlon in reverse LOL! Nice job!

    The fast traffic is something I really dislike. There are bike lanes on the 55 mph roads, but when a big truck goes by, it sure does rock your bike!

    • At 2011.08.20 19:32, Gera said:

      Good to see you are training and enjoying sports. I love run and bike, lastly I stopped a little but I’ll start over soon.

      Have a great weekend 🙂



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