Honor America Days 5K Run

by Joanne on July 30, 2011

rome runners HADays 5k

From my facebook page “Running this 5K ‘cause I don’t want to do a long run”

That was my mood today.  That was my mood all last week. I was in a slump.  I ran 6 .6 on Tuesday, 5 miles on Friday and then a 5K road race Saturday.  I had 16 miles scheduled for today but the 5K sounded so much more appealing.  Besides, I was mad at the world all week.  I run pretty good when I’m mad.  Here’s the proof….

Roman Runners Honor America Days 5K Run

It was my excuse to duck out of a 16 mile run, but I’d leave it until the last minute to see if I wanted to run a Saturday race.  My heel has been hurting all week. My miles have been scant so I didn’t know how it would go.  If the body said “go for it”, I’d go for it.  If the body said “jog it out Baby”, I’d jog along and enjoy the experience.  My body said Go For It.

I arrived in Rome at 7:30 am, one hour before the race start.  Signed up, got my cool looking T-shirt and tweeted the run plus put a note on Facebook. 


I spoke to several peeps about, what else? running.  Good conversation.  Love going to races and talking about running.  It’s the only time I really know we are all into the conversation.

Very informal start.  No time tracking devices, just bib numbers.  The whistle blew, we were off.   The course was flat and fast.  It should go well.

My mouth was dry.  My legs were heavy.  It was hot.  Where was the first water stop? I had a tough time getting into a rhythm.  I saw the 1 mile mark and thought “I REALLY wish that was 3! Why aren’t the fast guys passing me yet on the loop home?  Where DOES this course go anyway?” 

I passed a guy who whispered “Good job”.  I said – LOUD- (cause that’s the way I am), “YOU TOO”.  Then I wondered if he was directing his whisper to the lead runners coming back in the opposite direction (FINALLY!)?  Oh well.  Either way, I figured my “YOU TOO” worked.  It dawned on me that I wasn’t too far behind those fast guys.  Guess I was going along pretty good.  

There was the turn around in the parking lot of the Rome Hospital.  The kid in front of me stopped. I said “Come on. We’re passed the half way point”.  He said “I know.  I got a cramp”.  Poor kid. He’d be passing me in a few minutes, I was sure.  But I never saw him again. 

Something about heading for home, aka the finish line.  It seems shorter and easier.  OR…did I just get into a groove?!  

I checked Garmin, refusing to look at my pace, and saw 2.76 miles.  Oh! I can SO do this.  I didn’t have much of a sprint for the finish left in me but I did cross that line in…. ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?

It’s a PR GUYS! 

22:56   -   YAAAAHOOOO!  

That’s almost 2 minutes off my previous best time.

It was the first time I’ve won money for a race:  $75.00  (sure beats gambling even though I had to work for it).

1st Masters Female!



Isn’t that the cutest award?!  I’m so happy to be old. 

Here’s the happy runner:


It sure does pay to run a race when you’re mad and want to give yourself a beating.  It doesn’t feel so good at the time, but after, OH WHAT A FEELING!

I’m still going for more though.  Be right back  Can I EVER break 20?  Not sure but it’s worth trying.

A funny thing happened on the walk back to my car.  I was lost.  I asked a short squatty looking dude wearing reflective gear (he must have worked the race?) “Where was the start of the race?”  He looked at me with a very worried expression and said  “The race of over, Dear!”  

DAH!  I’m walking along holding my award DUDE!  Come on!   I then said “I know but I’m looking for my car and was wondering where City Hall is?”   He STILL looked worried (probably thought I had Alzheimer’s or some kind of dementia) and said “Do you know if you parked in the road?”  He said it so slow I was ready to pop him one.  I gave up as I spotted City hall and said “I found it!”.

Geesh!  I know I look pretty haggard after a race but PALEEEAAASE!

Tomorrow is Ted’s Triathlon at Lake Delta.  Can’t wait to cheer him on! 


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    • At 2011.07.30 22:25, Hannah said:

      Congratulations! Just crossing the finish line sounds like an impossible feat to me, so hats off to you! Very inspiring, too. 🙂

      • At 2011.07.31 08:18, Bela said:

        AWESOME, congrats on a PR 🙂

        • At 2011.07.31 15:40, Pam said:

          Joanne, Congrats on your PR race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          You failed to mention this on the phone. I’m so excited for you 🙂

          • At 2011.07.31 16:17, Tina@GottaRunNow said:

            Congrats on 1st place and a huge PR – much more exciting than just doing a long run!

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