Hall of Fame Half Marathon Weekend

by Joanne on May 22, 2011

It all started in Cooperstown.  The focus for Saturday was Ted’s Tri Spring next Sunday, May 29th.  Wait! Back track…we had to stop at the National Running Hall of Fame to pick up race packets for Sunday.


Nutrilite had a table set up with some interesting products.  I didn’t sample anything since I won’t try new foods/drinks a day before a race. But I did peruse the labels and will certainly look into this fuel line in the near future.


We were all signed up with race numbers and shirts for Sunday.  Now it was off to Cooperstown for a cold swim and a drive along the bike route for the Cooperstown Tri next weekend.  The roads for the cycling portion were quite pitted and very rolling but it’s a scenic route and interesting.


After the drive, we walked through town and found a coffee shop.  Cooperstown is such a pretty place. A nice town with a lot to see.




Ok. Enough procrastinating, Ted had to hit the cold water in his wet suit.  We went to the start of the Tri location which was the Otesaga Hotel.  Gorgeous!



The dock where the athletes will enter the water.


It took a few minutes to get psyched up for it, but Ted finally took the plunge.  The water had cold spots and he said it chilled his face.


It was a good practice and confidence builder since he really didn’t know how he would feel swimming ONE … in open water. TWO… in the wet suit.  and THREE…in VERY cold water.  We’ll do another practice swim next Saturday when we drive back out to Cooperstown to pick up the race packet.  Another practice session certainly won’t hurt and we expect more athletes to be there practicing. Right now, there are approximately 130 entries.  A lot of room for anyone else.  Interested?  Check out the siteCooperstown Triathlon.

THIS SUNDAY however, May 22,  was the Running Hall of Fame Half Marathon.  Ted and Teddy ran the relay and I ran the Half.  We all had a great run.


This half marathon is a wonderful race. Not a lot of runners but good local support. There is a 5K which goes off 15 minutes later than the half marathon which begins at 8 am.  5K start is at 8:15.  There is also the relay which begins the same time as the half.

The course is mostly flat with only a few poppers here and there. The start and finish offer a little bit of a hill as you go up the ramps to and from Genesee Street.  Most of the run is along the canal trail.  It’s shady and scenic.

The fast time was achieved by the local elite: Richard Cohen. His time was 1:17:xx  However there was a bit of confusion (as I understand it) because another runner who was ahead of Richard, ran PAST the half turn around.  That runner ended up going 15 miles instead of 13.1.  Not sure what will be done about that.

I kept pace with a young girl who was running her first half.  She was running well so I stayed right on her tail, that is until the 10 mile point when I couldn’t hold on any longer. She forged ahead.  I thanked her afterwards for putting up with me for 10 miles.  She said I pushed her along. It worked out great for both of us..

I did have a strong finish even though it felt like I really slowed down.  I saw the time and it was at 1:46.  I couldn’t let that clock change to 1:47 so I gave it all I had over that finish line.

Joanne’s Half time mile by mile:













8:31 +1:34 to finish.  Average pace: 8:10.  Time…and a PR  1:46:56 – SCORE! Open-mouthed smile

Ted and Teddy were AWESOME! 4th in Men’s Open with a time of 1:55:54




Great weekends just fly by WAY too fast.

Did YOU run this weekend?  Any races coming up?

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  • At 2011.05.22 17:58, Lori said:

    Cooperstown is really charming, isn’t it? Great job on the race, too. That is such a great pace you run!

    • At 2011.05.23 00:10, The Green Girl said:

      I had no idea there was a National Running Hall of Fame. So cool! I’m adding that to my ‘must do’ list.

      • At 2011.05.23 11:37, Jen said:

        What a great weekend and a great race! Congrats on your PR! And all your pictures were amazing! Cooperstown would be a great place to visit!

        • At 2011.05.23 20:36, Pam said:

          Great job on your PR Joanne!!
          Excellent team work Dad and Teddy on the relay 🙂
          I’m so proud of you all!!

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