Hangover Run 2011 A New Year

by Joanne on January 1, 2011

First, a little superstition to pass along:   Don’t do laundry on New Years Day. You could wash someone right out of the family.


Our washing machine is taped up for “safety” reasons.

Now for the Hangover run.  It was a 5K for Ted and a 10K for me. No great times were logged but it was a super winter day for running. 45 degrees and no wind. YahOOOO!

Shane and I did our 2 mile warm up.


Ted and I left for Barneveld at 9 am.  Race start was 10 am.  It was a very friendly casual run, out and back over rolling terrain. 

ted hangover run

Registration was in Andees Tavern, a nice large bar in the village of Barneveld. 

We saw several people we knew and had some nice New Year chats.

Ted ran the 5K in 29:16  and beat his last time on Thanksgiving day. Go Ted!

I ran a crappy 10K (not happy AT ALL with my time):  53:16


Note the distance:  The race was actually 6.35 miles(some say 6:34). Still, not my best time.


  • 8:03
  • 8:19
  • 8:28
  • 8:33
  • 8:23
  • 8:26
  • 3:01


I swear I was NOT the only one running… it just looks that way.


Bad time but GREAT way to start the New Year. Now we are off to visit with family in Syracuse.

Hope you have a great weekend. Time to celebrate all good things that are going to happen this year!

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  • At 2011.01.01 14:33, Heather said:

    Don’t be so hard on yourself – you ran a 10k (and then some) on New Years morning!!

    And I already did laundry today…..had no idea about that superstition. Uh oh.

    • At 2011.01.01 20:52, Amanda @ BakingWithoutABox said:

      I would be celebrating that 10k time. I’d be doing cartwheels if I could. That’s not a bad time at all. You ran 6+ miles in the cold. Yay!!!
      Shane pictures….. sigh. He’s just so darn cute. Ted’s cute too. But of course I can’t help but adore Shane.

      • At 2011.01.01 22:26, Pam (Certified Holistic Health Coach) said:

        Happy New Year!!
        I give you a lot of credit for running on New Year’s Day 🙂
        I made Heman a cocktail of kale, beet, celery, carrot, apple, orange juice to cleanse his system. He used that to wash down brie baked in crescent roll dough which he ate with apple slices and crackers.
        It’s all about balance right!

        • At 2011.01.02 09:53, Andrea@WellnessNotes said:

          Happy New Year!

          I had forgotten about not doing laundry on New Year’s Day, and luckily I was too lazy to do any… 🙂

          Great job running on New Year’s Day even if you are not that happy with your time. I think you did a great job! 🙂

          • At 2011.01.09 11:58, Angela said:

            No matter how you finished…you finished. 😀 Very happy for you!

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