Restrain Yourself and Oh SOYJOY!

by Joanne on November 13, 2010

The stupidity of it all. I go through the day with a pain in my leg yet my mind still struggles to devise a way to run.  As if my leg won’t know.  It’s like trying to disconnect your body from your brain.

My first week’s plan for Boston training is a goal of 30 miles total.  I want to go into the training feeling 100% but I’m not sure that leg is going to be 100%.  There’s a knot in it that won’t go away.  I’ll keep stretching and strengthening with no weight then see what happens Monday morning.  As I said above, I’d like to blind fold my brain so it doesn’t communicate with the pain sensors that something might be up.   Today’s walk with Shane: 5.6 miles.  Ice pack 20 minutes after getting home.

Coping with Injury from “Running Within”. 

running within

The following information is from the chapter on Embracing your injury.  Thought inducing if nothing else.

For treatment to be effective, the body and mind must work together as a team to facilitate complete recovery.  Crisis is opportunity = Use the down time to catch up on other aspects of your life.  When you change your view of the crisis, you begin to mitigate stress, panic, anxiety which hastens healing and allows a comeback with greater vitality.  Mood Shift = Cross train. Try pool running  or stationary bike riding these offer a psychological reward as well as stimulating the flow of blood to the injury.  Laugh about it = lighten up and realize it’s not life threatening. See and Heal = Visualize to send powerful messages to the brain and stimulate the body healing and reduce pain.  Visualize the place of injury.  See white blood cells rushing to the injured area.  Colorize the injured area and see it being massaged by caring hands. Feel the penetration into the area. Imagine the color changing from an angry red to a muted pinkish tone.  See the injury fading and finally totally healed. Reflect and Be Thankful = Focus on your life, running and everything else and be thankful for your over all health.  Yield to the pain and don’t fight it.


The folks at SOYJOY saw how much I loved their new blueberry flavored bar.  It was truly very good.  They sent me more bars to try.   




New flavors of banana, strawberry, and more blueberry.


Moist and fruity with all natural ingredients such as whole soy and real fruit.  No trans fat, artificial color or flavors, and no preservatives.    The bar boasts complete protein, complex carbohydrates, fiber and good fat to sustain energy.  HEY! CALLING ALL RUNNERS!

All that good stuff is a bonus to these super tasting bars.  But my favorite is STILL the blueberry.


It’s the weekend and it’s looking nice!  Fun stuff or chores? What is it for you?

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  • At 2010.11.13 09:07, Lori (Finding Radiance) said:

    Have you tried tennis ball or foam rolling on your hamstring? That will dig deeper than any stretches can.

    When I herniated my disk earlier this year, I took that time and got my guitar out again and did more reading. It was kind of nice and I let go of that frantic feeling of having to exercise.

    A few chores this weekend – I think we are hanging up the outside Christmas lights rather than waiting for an icy cold day LOL!

    Then a 40 mile bike ride because the weather is so gorgeous!

    • At 2010.11.13 09:15, Joanne said:

      I have “the stick”. So I’ve been using that. I’m not good at being injured. I can’t let go of the thought that it’s not that bad and just ride it through. Stupid – but that’s me.
      I wish I could ride 40 miles on the bike. We are going out today but will prob. end up doing half that at the very most.

      • At 2010.11.13 14:28, Summer said:

        Oh how sweet of them and they do sound so eliciousl and health loaded too!!

        • At 2010.11.14 07:21, Heather said:

          I’ve never tried the SoyJoy bars – I’m gonna have to do that!
          Take care of that leg, Joanne!

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