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by Joanne on May 4, 2010

Dinner on Monday was eaten and over by 6:30 pm.  It was an early night.  I sat at the desk uploading photos thinking, “it’s early – why not zip into the gym for 25 minutes and get those chest and biceps out of the way?”  That’s what I did.  A 25 minute weight workout on my day off. I broke a sweat but then again, I was in jeans and a long sleeve shirt. Not workout attire but nothing got in the way so it was all good.  Yes, we all need a day off or a sleep in when the body screams for it, but if you feel well rested and the energy is there, go for it.

Tuesday: Wake up – brush teeth – do a “system check” – all things say GO!

Today I ran. Just ran. No weights.  No set miles.  Just did what the legs wanted to do.  It was part treadmill and part road.  I wanted to head out to the road right from the get go but I didn’t want to get caught in a situation where Shane had done enough miles and there was no way to get him home.  I knew he could do at least 10 and with plenty of water, taking it slow, 12 was within his means.  7 warm up miles on the treadmill.

Shane and I ran 9.16 together.  Outside, we hit the trails around Proctor Park.  It was such a nice morning. Cold at 50 degrees, my hands were so cold it was difficult pouring water for Shane.  There was a mist over the parks that looked so pretty in the early morning light. We then went along the roads to Valley View and ran the golf course. 

While running the 7 “Mill miles” I watched the last of  “Unwrapped”. Then “How’d THAT Get on My Plate” and then the news.  Nothing made the boredom disappear completely but the television helps.  I think I watch the most TV when I exercise.  At night, my eyes close and I might get an hours worth.  I’m sure I’m not missing a thing.  Total miles today: 16.19 at average pace of 9.25.

Yesterday we installed a SANITARY FAUCET.  Yes… a NO TOUCH faucet in the kitchen.  I’m so excited.  I get really paranoid when making something with meat for Ted.  I don’t want anything touching countertops and I hate it that my fingers have to touch the faucet on-off lever. 


This “Delta TOUCH2O” system means I simply take my arm – or UNADULTERATED limb- and brush it up against the faucet stem.  Simple on – off. Cool!

*By the way, see that little “chef” in the window near Ted’s hand?  My sister-in-law gave me that a few months after the family had been over to the house.  Ted’s brother went to grab a fresh baked muffin I made for an order and I almost took his head off.  I’m sure she thought that little chef figure with the angry look and the rolling pin looked just like me that day.     Sorry Dave!

Little Restaurant Discoveries:

While making a trip to downtown Utica the other day for work, I discovered a cute little cafe’ in the Adirondack Bank building.  RoSo’s Cafe 185 Genesee St, 2nd Floor.  My visit required a trip to the 16th floor but all over the elevator were signs for RoSo’s.  I decided to get my coffee fix and check it out.


Cute little restaurant.  Nice and clean.  There were no crowds, only 2 people in front of me but the service was very quick. 


I had time to peruse the specials which were indicated on a black board.  The lunch specials were also listed to the left of breakfast suggestions.

I only had coffee and unfortunately it was a bit mild for me.  I like my beans bordering on burnt … you know, like Starbucks.  However, when taking the elevator down to floor 2, a security guard came in and I asked how the coffee was at RoSo’s.  He said he had never had the coffee but had lunch there the other day and it was pretty good.


The table top menu boasts “Every thing is made to order Fresh daily…”.  If you call the day before to order, you receive a dessert or bottled water FREE.   The menu offers breakfasts from breakfast sandwiches to muffins, bagels and fresh fruit.  Lunches are served which feature soups, salads, greens, sandwiches…and OH!  I see Fried Peppers and Eggs, a favorite of mine. 

RoSo’s even offers catering!


Movie Review:

We watched a good movie the other night:


Gotta just love Meryl Streep.  Alec Baldwin also played a good roll. It was a perfect part for him.  Steve Martin was a little disappointing.  He was best when he did some goofy dancing in the movie.  Every time I see Steve Martin, I think of him in Saturday Night Live.  When he takes on anything but a goofy roll, I’m just not impressed.  

Good movie about a divorced couple trying it again… on the sly.  Funny, not for children (I don’t think), 2 hours long.  We watched the entire flick without catching one Zzzzz.

If you were to recommend a DVD seen in the last 6 months, which one would it be?


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  • At 2010.05.04 07:41, Lori (Finding Radiance) said:

    That faucet is tres cool! I would love one of those!

    That restaurant almost looks like someone’s dining room that you might see in a magazine. Cute!

    “Hobson’s Choice” from 1954 is one we got last weekend and I loved it! Starring the great Charles Laughton.We got it through netflix.
    .-= Lori (Finding Radiance)´s last blog ..More lifting progress. =-.

    • At 2010.05.04 08:19, Joanne said:

      Thanks so much. We are in desperate need of good movie recommendations. Will make a note of that one.

      • At 2010.05.04 08:14, runnerforever said:

        Wow, that is a lot of miles in one day!
        I am loving that faucet!! Is it very expensive? I want one!
        .-= runnerforever´s last blog ..Turning It Around =-.

        • At 2010.05.04 08:19, Joanne said:

          we are loving the faucet as well.
          Here are two points: 1. It is expensive. You can click the link to see if there is a dealer near you but we ordered on line and it was about $300 plus.
          2. It uses 4 C or D (can’t remember which) batteries. We have NO clue how often they will have to be changed. Hopefully they last a long time.

          Thanks for your comment…oh! – it was a lot of miles but today I really felt good so it didn’t seem to bad – except for the “dreadmill” miles. Those are always a chore.

          • At 2010.05.04 08:41, Bonnie said:

            Away We Go – fabulous quiet funny movie – and to top it off, I fell in love with the music.
            500 Days of Summer – another quiet quirkly film that I just know you will enjoy

            • At 2010.05.04 11:01, Joanne said:

              I’m writing it down. Since we pick so many losers, we looking for recommends.

              • At 2010.05.04 09:11, She-Fit said:

                OMG, that is a lot of running! Way to go. I wish I could get into running, but I just get so bored.

                • At 2010.05.04 11:02, Joanne said:

                  It does get boring sometimes. That’s why I love it outside. It doesn’t matter what the weather, there is always something to look at or something that happens to hold my interest.

                  • At 2010.05.04 09:17, kalli@fitandfortysomething said:

                    can’t believe you busted out 16 miles in the morning-you have got endurance girl! have you thought of training for ultras yet? you certainly have the love of long miles in you. love that faucet 🙂
                    i would recommend the lovely bones and blind side for dvds-have you seen either one?
                    .-= kalli@fitandfortysomething´s last blog ..Lucky Enough =-.

                    • At 2010.05.04 11:03, Joanne said:

                      I do like the miles only because I love the feeling once they are done. 🙂
                      We may have seen blind side but not lovely bones. I’m adding them to my list. Thanks!

                      • At 2010.05.05 20:04, kilax said:

                        LOL. We just finished The Lovely Bones last night and could barely stand it! Let me know what you think!
                        .-= kilax´s last blog ..Check out my interview over at Running Circles Around the Turtles! =-.

                        • […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Applecrumbles. Applecrumbles said: Working Discoveries: Dinner on Monday was eaten and over by 6:30 pm.  It was an early night.  I sat at the desk up… […]

                          • At 2010.05.04 10:54, Ana (AnActive Adventure) said:

                            I love that faucet, my boyfriend’s parents got it installed in their house, and its pretty cool!! That cafe looks like a really neat place what a great discovery. It looks like a place perfect to grab a coffee and do some reading.

                            I watched It’s Complicated in theaters and loved it! Meryl Streep is one of my favorite actresses, she rocks!
                            .-= Ana (AnActive Adventure)´s last blog ..TuesDaze =-.

                            • At 2010.05.04 11:04, Joanne said:

                              I agree – haven’t seen a movie where Meryl was anything but enjoyable.

                              • At 2010.05.04 11:30, Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear said:

                                The last DVD I watched was Bridges of Madison County, my all time favourite. Makes me cry every time even though I’ve read the book and seen the movies many, many, many times 🙂
                                .-= Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear´s last blog ..Iloista Vappua! =-.

                                • At 2010.05.04 14:45, Girlie said:

                                  I am so impressed at how far and fast you can run. I hope on day to be as quick as you. 🙂

                                  I really like Avatar, but it’s sci-fi.
                                  .-= Girlie´s last blog ..Reason #2 =-.

                                  • At 2010.05.04 21:25, Robin/Orlando Turtle Runner said:

                                    Going to call you Forrest Gump if you keep it up… just running and running and running….!

                                    LOVE the new faucet! Want one, but we rent an apt now. I believe they’d change it out for me, if we bought it. I have the same weird thing about meat and touching things. gross.

                                    THANK YOU for the movie review. Have been wanting to see that one.

                                    Recommendation in return? Hmmm….
                                    Love Happens with Jennifer Aniston
                                    The Proposal with Sandra Bullock (LOVED this one!)

                                    HUGS from Orlando! 🙂
                                    .-= Robin/Orlando Turtle Runner´s last blog ..Tuesday TTRS ~ Hydration, Stairs, Running Gear, and Tornadoes on the Run =-.

                                    • At 2010.05.05 20:04, kilax said:

                                      Great pace on the 16+ miles!

                                      I have never seen a faucet like that. Cool!

                                      Ha. I watch more bad movies that good. I did like The Visitor which we watched in the fall, but came out in 2007. And of course, The Blind Side.
                                      .-= kilax´s last blog ..Check out my interview over at Running Circles Around the Turtles! =-.

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