Boston Marathon 2014

by Joanne on April 22, 2014

Another year to remember, in a good way. 


Boston finish2

The Rules

Runners were not allowed to bring a gear bag into Athletes Village.  What you wore was either what you would run in or donate to charity.

  • I had an old sweat shirt, a clear large garbage bag for sitting or wrapping around my legs, a small blanket, and gloves.
  • My paper towel/toilet paper, Clif Bar, 1/2 bottle of water, were in a gallon sized clear zip lock bag. I also put my fuel belt and arm band with my iPhone in that bag.

The buses were leaving for Hopkinton on the Tremont side of Boston Commons.  What was different this year was that gear check tents were set up in the Commons where runners would check gear before leaving for Hopkinton to be picked up at the same tent upon completion of the marathon.  Runners were only allowed onto the buses in stages, according to Wave 1, 2, 3, 4. It was very organized, no long lines, no waiting. even the bus wasn’t crowded.  As soon as you passed through to board the bus, you could grab a bottle of water, no need to bring your own.

In Hopkinton, it was a mass of people. That is typical but it seemed so much more crowded.

Athletes village1

The lines for the porta potties took about 1/2 hour to get through and the announcer recommended NOT trying to use the ones by the starting line. There was a fly over of 4 military choppers from Charlie company.

Boston Helicopter Fly over

There was security everywhere. There was K-9 patrol as well. We were made to wait until not only our wave was called but our corral assignment. It was very organized.

I tried to find space to lay my plastic garbage bag down to sit but space was hard to come by.

Athletes vill 2

As usual, participants were unified (except if someone late to their wave call tried to cut the porta pottie line then there was trouble).  The start went off without a hitch and, being in the 4th corral, I thought there would be some lag time but we got running about 5 minutes after the first corral was off. 

My Race

I was nervous about my foot, a tendon problem in the right foot. The plan was to go out slow and do what I could to run negative splits.  Honestly, it felt as if I was holding back but not enough.  It was warm, 65 degrees, sun shining and the warmth got to me more so than my foot. In fact, when I thought about my foot, I was amazed that there was no pain.  Foot and ankle were not my excuse for a less than stellar  performance.

Crowd support was overwhelming.  There were sections of cheering that were so deafening, I couldn’t wait to get away from them.  This year, I saw more people sick to their stomachs then ever before.  Maybe the heat factor, maybe trying to push for those hurt last year.  I got my foot stuck in a paper cup running through a water station. I stepped in a small pot hole with that right foot.  Nothing major, just glitches.  There is so much going on, sights, sounds through the entire day that it would take too long to recap.

Four hours prior to start time, I had an Ezekiel roll (190 calories with 9 g protein and 36 carbs) with 1/2 TBS peanut butter and 1 small banana.  While waiting at Athletes Village, I ate 1/2 a Clif Bar about 1 1/2 hours before start time. My first gel was taken at mile 4, second at mile 10, third at mile 17, and fourth at 21.  Water during the first half and after passing 13.1 miles, went for Gatorade coupled with water.  Due to the heat, I began pouring water on my head, down my back, my front and on my wrists and hands at about 5 miles through the finish of the race. There was one ice station and I put a cube in my hair, down my top and chewed the rest.

Maybe due to the heat, maybe due to going out too fast (although not as fast as last year), I reached the hills beginning at 16 without the motivation to conquer.  I walked the hills from that point on but had good legs to get up speed and pass runners on the declines.  I also had enough left for that 1k to the finish line. 

Maybe I didn’t leave it all out there but I came in under 4 hours. I have my 3rd qualifying time for 2015 at Boston so I’m ok with what I did.  Why wreck myself when the absolute fun part is being able to celebrate in the City of Boston with Ted afterwards?  That’s the important part to me.

Splits(1 – 15):  8:31, 8:26, 8:38, 8:25, 8:41, 8:38, 8:25, 8:36, 8:36, 8:40, 8:57, 8:49, 8:47, 8:44, 8:55.  Splits (16 – 26): 8:39, 9:27, 9:55, 8:46, 9:00, 10:11, 8:25, 8:45, 9:05, 9:04, 9:30.  

Finish stats:


Boston finish1

Now after the race, here’s what happened in Little Italy:

Boston Shrimp Dolce Vita

Boston white russion

Boston salad nico

Boston nico linguine

Boston nico sea bass

boston caffe sporta mocha

Boston Caffe sporta canoli

Obviously we had to walk all that off, so we went to a very quiet, except for a bear playing a hand organ, Boston Commons.

commons at nite

commons selfie

A different Boston Marathon this year. Sill very well organized. Still the best crowd support in all of my 11 12 marathons.  Near perfect weather: 38 degrees at 7:30 am warming to about 62 by 11 am start time and getting a bit too warm with the sun full blast by mid run.

I feel privileged to have been able to run this year in memory of the victims, in honor of our strength as runners and to honor the pride and strength that exists in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Day 2 in Boston 2014

by Joanne on April 20, 2014

We woke to a sunny day, 40 degrees, and perfect for a shake out run the day before the race.  From our hotel, we went through Boston Commons

ted boston commons day 2

To the Charles River

ted jo at charles river day 2

jo atcharles river day 2

It was about a 3 mile easy jog, just enough to see how everything was feeling.

On the way back, we took in some historic views

site seeing grave day 2

site seeing grave yard day 2

After an overly priced breakfast at the hotel, we made tracks to the expo, taking photos along the way.

A small memorial where the first bomb blast happened in 2013

Finish line memorial

The finish line

Finish line day 2

At the expo, it was too crowded to meander for too long.  We picked up my bib and shirt then went in just long enough to take a photo of Dean Karnazes, Kara Goucher, buy too much stuff (2014 jacket, running tights, Newton running shoes, socks, gels, chomps, and grabbed some freebies).

Dean Karnazes expo

Would have asked for a photo but just as I was moving in to ask, I heard him say to someone asking for an autograph, “I really have to get going”, so I to stole a shot from afar.

Kara Goucher Expo

Kara Goucher on the right. The line was too long so again, a photo from afar.

Next up was lunch.  Delicious!

Bean town lunch

Ted had a giant Rueben sub.  I had a salad and a vegetable rice dish. 

We relaxed then strolled down to Quincy Market to watch street performers.  On the way back we were grateful for not opting in on the pre race dinner. The line was SO LONG.

We opted instead for Ruth’s Chris Steak House.

Ruth's Chris Salad

Ruth's Chris Pasta

Ruth's sorbet

Then we had fun with some friends.

Ted and Ben

Ted and Benjamin Franklin


… sitting on that donkey was pretty darned cold! 

So now it’s get comfy, read over the my reminders, get some sleep and face a record crowd (at least a record number since the 100th running of Boston when they had 38,000 registered runners)  running the route from Hopkinton to Boston. 

Here’s to a good race.

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