Ted and I don’t go into the Village of Clinton very often.  That might change.  We discovered a nice wine bar nestled in among the small, fascinating boutique stores along Clinton row and right next to it’s sister restaurant, Nola’s.  The wine bar is called The Annex.  It has been open for 8 months but just recently started advertising.


A welcoming atmosphere, few tables so as not to over crowd, with a limited seating outside. The best feature is the extensive wine selection.  No, no, the best feature is the QUALITY of the wine selection.  Don’t know what to have?  Do a flight!


Ted and I knew what we wanted.

Fog Dog Pinot Noir for Ted and the Boneshaker Zinfandel for me.


If you are looking for just a light snack, The Annex offers small plates to accompany the wine.


We were more than just small snack hungry and chose to mosey over to Nola’s for a full course dinner.  *The Annex offers customers the option to take their wine over to Nola’s if desired.


Comfortable seating with a window view.  Another appealing selection of wine and beer.

nola drinks

Ted enjoyed the Franzishaner Weissbier which had an interesting smoky finish.  I switched to a white wine and had Sauvignon Blanc, The Seeker, light, cool, refreshing.

The menu continued to peak our interest and we decided to try an appetizer called Gozleme.


Gozleme is a Turkish flat bread stuffed with spinach, eggplant, feta, dates, and poblano pepper.  It is served with saffron honey.  *I’m going to recreate this filling in a stuffed shell recipe tonight!  Both Ted and I rolled our eyes in appreciation of the flavor, texture and overall mouth appeal of this starter.  HIGHLY recommended when you visit Nola’s!

My usual salad followed.  Fresh greens finished with oil, vinegar and blue cheese crumbles.


For entrees, Ted chose a big, robust, juicy burger with special Nola fries.


There was a salmon special that made my mouth water – topped with a huge sea scallop.


There was no room for dessert.  It was one of those meals that was so good you wish you could just keep eating, hating the fact that your belly was feeling full. 

left overs

An A Plus rating. Great selections, gourmet food, and such friendly service. The Annex Wine Bar and Nola’s in Clinton, New York.  These are a must for an enjoying experience in wine and food.

Where did you eat this weekend?

What was your favorite meal this past weekend?

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Sweet Pea Quiche in Teff Crust

by Joanne on July 26, 2014

It looks like another beautiful weekend!  Maybe a little rain here and there but that makes all of our garden’s flourish! 

Celebrate with another Bob’s Red Mill recipe. Vegetarian and Gluten Free,

Sweet Pea Quiche with Teff Crust3

From Bob’s Red Mill Whole Grain Every Day Cookbook.

Bobs Red Mill GF Flours

Serves 4 – 6

  • 1/2 cup Teff Grain
  • 1 3/4 cups water
  • pinch sea salt
  • 2 TBS olive oil
  • 15 oz can Petite New Peas, 50% less salt, drained
  • 1/2 cup 1% milk
  • 1/4 cup egg whites
  • 4 large eggs
  • Hot pepper sauce such as Tabasco to taste
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 4 – 6 oz Fontina or Gouda cheese, shredded
  • 1/2 cup onion, chopped
  • 1/3 cup orange or yellow bell pepper, chopped
  • 3 cherry tomatoes, sliced

Heat water in a sauce pan to boil. Add Teff and reduce to a simmer and add salt. Cook for 20 minutes.  Drain off any water that might be sitting on top.  Stir in the oil. 

Preheat oven to 350 F.  Press the teff mixture into a 9” pie plate.  Set aside.

In a food processor, blend the peas with the milk until smooth.  Add the egg whites and whole eggs plus the hot sauce and salt. Blend.

Sprinkle the cheese on top of the teff crust.  Pour on the sweet pea mixture and top with the pepper and onions.  Place the cherry tomato slices around the outside rim.  Bake for 45 – 55 minutes or until set in the middle.

Sweet Pea Quiche with Teff Crust1

Light and fluffy. Healthy, nutritionally loaded.  This is not only taste good meal but a feel good meal as well.

Sweet Pea Quiche with Teff Crust2

Enjoy the weekend. Stay motivated and keep moving.


“When you stand on the Starting Line, you join the club. When you stand at the Starting Line you earn your membership. Millions dream of being where you are. You are no longer a dreamer. You are a doer.
Thousands more started a training program but never finished. They started with the same enthusiasm as (or more than) you. They started with more or less the same physical gifts or disadvantages as you did. They had no more and no less reason to be successful than you.

But somewhere along the way, they lost that enthusiasm. Somewhere on the road or on the track or treadmill, they decided that the rewards just weren’t worth the effort. They decided that they could live without finding their limits, without challenging their expectations of themselves and without taking a hard look at their image of themselves.

You didn’t. If you’re standing at the Start Line, you’ve not only accepted the challenge, but you’ve also beaten back the demons. You’ve conquered your imagination and self-imposed limitations. You’ve gone further, got stronger and become tougher than you ever imagined.”

-Author Unknown

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Easy Apple Bread with Cherry Vanilla NuStevia

July 21, 2014
Easy Apple Bread with Cherry Vanilla Essence2

Before getting to the FAN-TAB-ULOUS recipe below, I have to share this running quote with you from Gibson’s Daily Running Quotes.  It’s so important to get words of inspiration like this to beginning runners.  "If you are capable of running, then you are cut out to be a runner. Don’t think that you aren’t cut […]

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Delta Lake Triathlon 2014

July 20, 2014

The day was perfect. The water for athletes was perfect. And the participant’s shirts were pretty darned perfect.   ATCEndurance Ted had a good event, getting a beer glass for third in his age group.  Time 3:09 His swim was probably slower by a minute or so than usual for the Olympic distance.  In fact his […]

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Boilermaker 2014

July 15, 2014
boiler haier

The day of the Boilermaker 15K road race begins the same way:  a 2 mile run with the dogs about 1 1/2 hours before race start.  That has been the routine for my 4 consecutive Boilermakers.   The legs felt good but then Zoey was pulling me along.  At that time in the morning, Culver Ave. […]

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Dinner with Dr. Alessio Fasano, MD: Gluten Freedom

July 10, 2014

Remember this post?…Product Enjoyment…. In particular, the book "Gluten Freedom" an essential guide to a healthy, gluten free lifestyle. Well, I finished this fascinating read, learning more than I ever thought there was to know about celiac disease and other grain intolerances. Most intriguing to me were the personal accounts from people or families suffering […]

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