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by Joanne on May 20, 2016

I’ve become quite a low maintenance person.  I don’t enjoy doing my nails, rarely paint my toenails, use very little make up now, and basically spray my hair into a messy long look.  However, as a runner, I put my feet through a lot and they really need special attention such as keeping calluses at bay. Calluses can be painful so when I was offered an Emjoi Micro-Pedi to try out, I was super excited. 

Taking care of runner’s feet:   Sourced From “FixingYourFeet.com” by John Vonhof.

Lets face it, calluses protect our feet when we pound the pavement mile after mile.  There are parts of the foot that will rub on our shoes no matter what we do so over time, our feet build up calluses as a protection where the friction occurs.  Calluses are layers of thick, dead skin, yellowish in color. 

The good thing about calluses is that they warn us about injuries waiting to happen.   Over pronators typically will get calluses on the outside of their big toe. A callus on your pinky toe might mean there is a rolling motion going on during your run.  If one foot is significantly more callused than the other, there is a tendency for one side to be stronger than the other or leg length is different.  These signs will lead to pain and discomfort at some point during your running career. 

A runner needs to take care of his/her feet so pedicures are a good way to pamper yourself, if you like pampering.  An aesthetician can scrub some of the callus away, leaving a small, painless protective layer.  Also, foot cream or lotion to prevent cracking which can lead to infection is a great daily habit to get into.  *Never shave the callus with a blade yourself. 

If you don’t have time, money, or simply don’t want someone else messing with your feet, then try an exfoliator such as the Emjoi Micro Pedi.  I’m SO in love with this product!  Not a day after receiving the  Micro Pedi in the mail, did I unpack and use it on some very needy feet.


Here is a before shot of my nasty looking heel prior to using the Micro Pedi.



The product was really easy to use.  Just insert two AA batteries, press switch on the front and begin rolling over rough skin.  Watch that callus just fly away as dusty old skin.


My heels were so soft.  I followed up with Burt’s Bees Foot Cream and have never had happier feet!  Ready to run again!



After I was done using the tool it was quite messy looking with all that dusty dead skin.


The roller is easy to pop out and the Micro Pedi comes with a cleaning brush so I simply brushed out the dust and it was good to go again.


This is epilation elation!  Great looking feet!  I’m so excited!  Bring on summer sandals ‘cause my feet are ready.  Runner or not, I recommend this Micro Pedi.  After mentioning it to Ted, he is all for it since, although not a runner, he does get some pretty nasty and painful calluses on his feet.

Check it out HERE!

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