2016 Race Schedule

by Joanne on March 17, 2016

Another year, more challenges. Let’s hope health issues are behind us and the only worries are race times. Although, why worry about race time?  It’s all about being grateful that we can get outside everyday and enjoy daily exercise.

“The chance to know yourself in weakness and strength, and to persevere.  … to confront your own lions, and be your own hero.”

What’s on tap for this year?  So far, this is what I have scheduled.

March 5, 2016:  Myrtle Beach Marathon.   This is my 12th state and 21 marathon since 2010.  Wow! These legs have seen some miles!   Recap HERE. It went better than expected. 3:55:12 NET time.

April 3, 2016:  Syracuse Half Marathon. A terrible year to run. The weather was aweful. Snow squalls, winds, white out. Worst weather race I’ve ever run.  Time = 1:59:03

April 18, 2016:  Boston Marathon. This will be my 6th consecutive Boston and 22nd marathon. Net time 3:57:19.  It was warm but cooled once we got closer to Boston.

May 7, 2016: Ted Moore 5K at MVCC.  Ran a 25:02 1st in age group.  Pretty good for coming off Boston and not running more than 5 miles a week prior. *No re cap post on this one.

June 11, 2016:  Nate Race 12K in Canastota. -Didn’t dress for the cold and rain but the deciding factor was the thunder. They didn’t cancel the race but I didn’t want to take the chance.

July 10, 2016:  Utica Boilermaker 15K. Not bad for just starting speed work 2 weeks prior. 1:14:56 net. Details HERE.

September 3, 2016: Marquette Marathon MI. My 13th state and 23rd marathon.  3:54:30 1st in age group. Details HERE.

October 8, 2016:  Eversource Hartford  CT Marathon.  14th state and 24th marathon. Recap HERE. 3:51:15 8th in age group.

That’s all for now.

Any new fitness plans for 2016?  How about all those virtual races?  Have you done a virtual race?


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  • At 2016.03.20 15:04, Mary said:

    Hi Joanne, I’m planning to compete at an international competition they’re holding for us adult skaters in Vancouver B.C. this August. Too close to skip! I’ve have to look for another event where I can get my program out there before then. Not too soon, though, I have other skating projects I’m working on like a couple of ice dances that I’m getting ready to test.

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