Hall of Fame Half Marathon 2015 and Favorite Things

by Joanne on May 17, 2015

Took my time signing up for this run.  Since I’m running another marathon on June 20th, I thought if I could race this race, it would be a good indicator of where I’m at in my training for Grandma’s Marathon.  That’s if I decide to race Grandma’s instead of taking my time to enjoy the scenery of Duluth,MN.  

As last week progressed, I lost my running mojo, taking 2 days off, running a 6 miler, walking the next day, running a 9 miler (not caring how close it was to race day) and capping off with an easy 3 on Saturday. Sunday was the Hall of Fame Half Marathon. I figured I’d play with this run a little bit, experiment and half have fun with it.  

Distance Hall of Fame

The Experiment. The Race. The Run


As I stood near the starting line with other runners, my thoughts began turning to race mode. I knew I would try to push the pace because that was the frame of mind I was in.  We started running and I was heading out at what would be my 5K pace. Knowing this was way too fast for me to hold on for long, I simply decided to see what happens if I ignore the conservative and run a little out of control. Soon the pace dropped to about a 10K pace and I wondered how long I could hold it.  As it turned out, 7 miles into the race my legs began to tingle and the heat started to get to me. It was bright sunshine and about 70 degrees.  The course does have a lot of shade but those sunny spots get to you when running faster than you should. 

After 7 miles, I started walking the water stops and a couple of walking paces in between.  There was no reason to cross the finish line feeling sick and over heated so I dropped back. The toughest part to hold on, even though my pace had slowed a lot, was that last mile along Genesee Street. It was off the canal trail, hot black top, no shade, bright sunshine.  I was following a relay runner who had made a couple of walking stops as well.  She was hurting as bad as I was so I told myself if she could hang on so could I.

Finished in 1:45:43.  Not a PR but a good prediction run for Grandma’s and a first place age group win.

Medal and prize

After The Run: Favorite Things

Such a beautiful day! The sun was bright and the temperature was perfect (when not racing).  The dogs were desperate to enjoy the day. So we played…

Running zoey

running shane

until Zoey got tired which takes quite a while

Tired zoey

and Shane wanted more because he is very good at pacing himself (not like the “girls” in this family)

waiting shane

While I got the camera for some sunny day photos, Zoey decided to break my FIRST glass of wine. I naturally went for a SECOND and decided to shoot 3 of my favorite things…

2015-05-17 15.36.01

2015-05-17 15.35.30

wine dogs 2

Wine, wine, more wine plus dogs.  

Happy Sunday!

What are your favorite things to do on a beautiful sunny day?

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  • At 2015.05.18 09:42, misszippy1 said:

    Great job going out there and pushing hard to see what would happen. I don’t think I’m brave enough for that! I didn’t know you had a marathon coming up so soon–that is one I’d love to try sometime.

    • At 2015.05.18 11:05, Joanne said:

      Thanks. I’m not usually that brave but I really didn’t care how this race went. It’s a rare event when I’m in that
      kind of a mood so I took advantage of it. All it really did was confirm that when you go out too fast, things get
      twice as ugly as they usually do in longer races.

      • […] in the estimated 5K time and check out that Half Marathon time of 1:45:39.  Pretty close since last week I ran that half marathon in 1:45:43.  Cool!   As for the Marathon prediction, I’m not so sure about that […]

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