Boston 2015 Shake out and Expo

by Joanne on April 19, 2015

After a wonderful dinner at Maggiano’s, for which both of us had the Lobster di Mare with a crisp, fresh garden salad, we enjoyed a walk to The Union Oyster House.  We aren’t crazy about the food or service but we enjoy the atmosphere.  Ted had a 26.2 Sam Adams and I simply took in the view of many marathon jackets, previous years as well as this years. 

It was just a short walk back to The Boston Yacht Haven Inn where we are staying this trip. Beautiful on a clear night.

Yacht Haven Inn1

The Boston Yacht Haven Inn is a small Inn, almost like a Bed & Breakfast with it’s personal touch and home style amenities.   It has a lounge with a BYOB bar, complete with a full size pool table.  Outside the large glass doors is a spacious deck looking out to the harbor.

ship harbor

jo at harbor

Yacht HI day

BYHI daytime

Breakfast is served just outside the rooms (there are 10 rooms at the Inn) on the upper level.  Hot breakfast sandwiches, cereals, yogurt, fresh fruit, juice, tea and coffee plus a microwave and fridge are available in the rooms.   The rooms themselves are large offering plenty of space for us to spread out and feel comfortable.   The Inn has a small gym with a universal machine, a few treadmills and bike, plus an Arc trainer.  Although small, it’s functional and over looks the water.  It’s like being on a cruise ship

Sunday morning started with a 7 am shake out run from the Inn to Boston Commons, about 1 mile there and back for a total of 2.31 miles.

Run to commons2

Very quiet at the Commons but such a gorgeous morning.

Run to commons

Sunday morning breakfast:  GF Oatmeal (brought from home), banana & melon, 1/2 a blueberry yogurt, 1 egg, and a small sweet potato.  Of course a Nantucket blend coffee hit the spot as well. 

Now it was off to the expo with a stop at the finish line.

finish line

We didn’t last long in the expo. It was crazy crowded and frustratingly slow walking around.  Simply picked up my bib, got my shirt bag, purchased a few things such as the jacket, a pair of capris, and a head band to keep my visor on tomorrow when the expected wind kicks in.  One interesting item found in the swag bag was this:

Clif shot

“Sweet Potato Sea Salt” Clif shot.  Might be interesting but certainly not something I’m going to try tomorrow.

We made an attempt to escape the crowd by getting off Boylston Street and came across a cute little place for an early lunch. Although by the time we were served, it wasn’t that early.  It was called Scoozi.  We sat outside and I froze but seemed to be the only one around shivering in her shoes.


Sunday Lunch:  Mixed green garden salad with potato and grilled shrimp, citrus dressing.  Had 2 fried ravioli stuffed with goat cheese as an appetizer, shared with Ted.

We (Ted had enough of the crowd) I did a quick peek inside RunBase, the new spot near the finish line.  Not much in there except a few racks to shop for items then a big multi tiered map of the course showing elevations changes and miles spent in each of the towns along the Boston course.


When the wind wasn’t blowing, the sun felt warm so we sat in Boston Commons by the frog pond and enjoyed the scenery for half an hour.   We got laughing as some kids were running passed, splashing water at each other when the little boy said, “Eewww! That’s duck pee!”

Frog Pond

One more stop before relaxing in our room for a while before dinner. Ted had a beer at a local cafe at the end of the Commercial Pier.  We might revisit that place tomorrow if the rain and wind puts the kibosh on our tour of Little Italy.

Dinner at Legal Seafood, .3 mile from the Inn.   It was good but not the night before a race.

A fresh green salad with feta crumbles, oil and vinegar. 1 bread roll. Dinner of char-broiled haddock with brown rice, snap peas.  Forgot to mention no butter and that poor piece of fish came swimming in it.  Ate half the fish, half the peas and all of the rice, and prayed my stomach wouldn’t rebel over the grease.

Still checking the weather and wishing I wasn’t seeing what I’m seeing:


Oh well.  It will only make me stronger.   So good night and good luck to all runners. We’ll get through this.

Ability is what you are capable of doing.  Motivation determines what you do.  Attitude determines how well you do it.”   – Lou Holtz

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  • At 2015.04.20 16:21, Nancy Jean said:

    Looks so lovely! Wonderful that the weather was pretty, albeit a little chilly at times. Glad you avoided getting splashed with “duck pee” – – little boys are funny!
    The Inn sounds special, and I’m sure the view couldn’t be beat.

    JUST saw your performance online … you truly are amazing, woman! Couldn’t have been a more steady pace, even being buffeted by the wind. Wish the weather would have been nicer for your fifth time @ Boston but, it didn’t stop you for turning in a terrific time! SO PROUD OF YOU, my friend … you definitely made your mark, again!

    • At 2015.04.21 07:03, Joanne said:

      Thank you Nancy. The Inn is the best place we’ve stayed yet in Boston.

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