Running with Your Dog on a Hands Free Leash

by Joanne on November 11, 2014

There are no excuses allowed to not get exercise when you have a dog.  Your pet wants to go outside for necessary reasons as well as to exercise and the best way to give “Fido” what he wants is to put on the leash and take the him outside.  Thank your pet because he/she has just done you a HUGE favor.  You’re exercising!  You have picked yourself up off the couch and gone for a walk, or run.

Dog Leash2

I recently had the opportunity to test a new leash.  It’s a hands free leash from Outward Hound, pet travel gear.  Can be found at KeepDoggieSafe or Amazon or


A nice wide belt with three pockets so when a long run or walk is on schedule, you can carry treats, pick-up bags.  One of the pockets has a mesh in fold so you can put a small water bottle in it.


I love this belt!   More about this belt taken from keepdoggiesafe:

The hip pack is loaded with great features, including 3 zippered pockets, a mesh water bottle holder, dual D-ring clips and a 5ft leash (included). Enjoy hands-free convenience whenever you’re on go with your dog!

  • Includes 3 zippered pockets to store keys, medical supplies, phones, treat
  • Mesh water bottle holder
  • Dual D-ring clips for right side and left side leash attachment
  • Quick-attach buckle with adjustable waist strap
  • 5ft leash with dual clips
  • Hipster Dimensions: Height: 3 Inches |Length: 10 Inches|Weight: 0.75 lbs.

Now for the test drive….my experience.


I put my phone in the large zip pocket which rested comfortably on the flat of my back.


A small water bottle went into the mesh pocket.  A regular size would fall out but the 12oz short bottle stayed put.


The small zip pocket was perfect to stash a baggy or other soft container so the dogs could drink.  It might also be used for poop bags if you don’t like to tie them around the leash, or gels for yourself, if doing a longer run.

The belt was a big loose around my waist but the wide band felt good especially since Zoey pulls and the wider waist band distributed the pull force in an even distribution around my back.    The leash is an adjustable length and can be fastened on either the left or right side of the belt, depending on which side you have trained your dog to walk/run.

Dog Leash4

*Note the difference in waist band width between our old hands free leash and the new one.  The old is on top, silver reflective and the new is green on the bottom.

Another plus feature I found was the handle near the top of the leash in case you have to exert more tension or to reel the dog in quickly.

Dog Leash

We all enjoyed this leash on our 5 mile run today.

Dog Leash3

When running with your dog you need to be more aware of your surroundings and never loose your attention.  Even though the dog has been leash trained, we are still dealing with animals whom nature has given certain instincts.  This means they could stop short or cut across your path suddenly in response to an external trigger, e.g. squirrel, fear of buses/trucks, seeing something that needs to be investigated/sniffed out.

Walking/Running With Your Dog Tips

Run in awareness not only of what is ahead but also your footing and note anything that might excite the dog so you are able to react beforehand and avoid falling. Wear reflective or bright clothing so you can easily be seen.  Bring water if running over 45 minutes.  A dog needs water more often than we do.   If the dog seems to slow, drag it’s back legs, pant excessively, or lay down when taking a water break, stop and allow it 5 minutes rest.

A pet is a great excuse to exercise. Don’t buy an invisible fence or fence in your yard so you don’t have to walk/run your dog.  Keep in mind the wonderful times you can have walking and running and the benefits to both you and the animal.  If you don’t like to run, put a ball or Frisbee in your pocket and walk to a park where you can toss the toy.  Great exercise and so much fun.

I dare you not to smile when exercising with your furry family friend.


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  • At 2014.11.12 07:16, Donna said:

    Good advice!!! I tell people that if they can’t have their own dog, go to the local shelter and volunteer to walk the shelter dogs.

    • At 2014.11.12 09:06, Joanne said:

      Thanks Donna. I love those wiggle waggle walk-a-thons. Wish we could participate but Shane would bark the entire time and Zoey would try to hide.

      • At 2014.11.13 09:08, Ali @ Peaches and Football said:

        My brother doesn’t like running with the family dog because he doesn’t like holding a leash. I didn’t know these hands-free options existed but they really make sense!

        • At 2014.11.13 09:26, Joanne said:

          Alison – then this might be a great gift option for the holidays 🙂

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