Portland Oregon Day Before the Marathon

by Joanne on October 4, 2014

We just don’t sleep well in hotels.  It’s not because it was noisy, it wasn’t.  It’s just not home. After a restless night,  we finally decided to get out of bed and go for a very easy 3 mile run to loosen up the legs before race day.  Not as many cyclists out this morning but there were runners every which way.  Temperature was 50 degrees, sun shining, a morning made for runners.

Runner exercise

Runners group together for a morning stretch by the fountain.


A little rock climbing in the park.

On the rock

Another great morning to enjoy in Portland.

After a healthy, low fat, high carb, balanced protein breakfast at the hotel, we were off to ride the Portland Spirit for a Downtown Lunch Cruise.  A two hour cruise on the Willamette River. Perfect for time off our feet yet enabling us to see the sights of Portland.



place setting

The day was beautiful and we spent very little time at our table. We enjoyed the river views from top deck.

ted on spirit

Looking at the marathon course marked for Sunday’s run. 

view before leaving on spirit

river view

Waiting for lunch

on boat

Fresh Pacific Cod

fresh cod 

A terrific way to enjoy the sunshine with time off our feet AND cruising the Willamette River.

We stopped to share a Widmer Hefeweizen:  A wheat beer. Bold, clean with citrus and floral aromas, served with a slice of lemon. We also drank a lot of water and stopped twice within the 1 mile walk back to the hotel.  It’s going to be a warm run tomorrow, possibly up to 80 degrees by the time we finish so hydrating is paramount. 

The late afternoon was spent feet up while watching college football.

Dinner – A meal to remember at Mucca Osteria

A truly authentic Italian cuisine in a warm, elegant atmosphere. Bread, pasta, and desserts are made fresh in house using traditional Italian recipes. Located in the heart of downtown Portland, Chef/Sommelier Simone Savaiano sources ingredients from local farmers and prepares dishes traditional to Italy. The extensive wine list includes over 190 labels from various regions of Italy.  And we had to pick this place the night before a marathon?! Bummer!

Wine? Yes we did. Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and Chianti


Mucca menu

Small and a little noisy.  Ok, A LOT noisy and the MAX train passing every 10 minutes didn’t help.  I mean, who enjoys a vibrating chair while eating?


Insalatina di Uva


Pesce – Halibut over sautéed chard and grilled vegetables with puree of ??? (I forgot)


We enjoyed the entrees.  Smaller portions although just enough before a race. I requested my entree be prepared without butter but using olive oil instead.  The waiter had to ask the chef since they were so busy but did accommodate my picky eating habits. 

Food excellent, service excellent – extremely polite and accommodating.

Americana Coffee

americana coffee

See that little piece of Umbria chocolate?  I had a bite,put it down and Ted eye balled it.  “You gonna eat that?”  “No, you can …..”  It was GONE.  Guess Ted could have done with a bit more for dinner OR, should have opted for one of the delicious sounding desserts.

So now we try once again to get a good nights rest.  A lot goes through my head as I try to squelch the competitive spirit.  I’m going to stay with Ted from start to finish.  I need to keep in mind this is a training run for NYC one month away.  Just do the miles at an easy pace.   It’s tough. Once I’m lined up among all those runners, my heart pounds, my legs get tingly, I wan to run and I want to pass everyone in front of me. It can’t be the case tomorrow.  Ted and I are going to see 26.2 miles of Portland on foot and we’re doing this journey together. 

So I remember this:   FOCUS ON THE JOURNEY, NOT THE DESTINATION -  "If your final result is more important to you than the reason you’re on the journey in the first place, you’re likely to quit and head right back to your favorite spot on the couch."
-Jill Angie,
Running with Curves: Why You’re Not Too Fat to Run, and the Skinny on How to Start Today

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