Portland Oregon Day 2

by Joanne on October 4, 2014

It’s Friday and another drop dead gorgeous day in Portland.  We took advantage of the beautiful day, got up and got running.

  • While waiting for Ted, I took to the treadmill which had the Oh So NOT Interesting View of the empty pool, and ran 3 miles.  Why run on the treadmill when it was so beautiful outside? Because I had 6 miles to run today, Ted only 3 and there are so many homeless in and around the city, I was too nervous to venture out by myself.
  • Ted was ready and we ran down to the river and along the run/bike path.  The miles flew.

Jo on the bridge

I took gloves but didn’t need them, funny because at home when it’s 52 degrees, my hands freeze.  Could it be the bright sunshine in the early morning made all the difference? Probably.

ted running on bridge

  • Stopped at the fountain for an ugly selfie before heading back to the hotel, Ted to swim, me to clean up and log into work for a few minutes.

The Selfie

  • We cleaned up and walked back down to the river and enjoyed an excellent breakfast at Three Degrees.  The restaurant offers an unmatched view of the river and new American cuisine focusing on fresh ingredients.

oats at three deg

A shared bowl of steel cut oats.

eggwhites at three degrees

A superb egg white omelet with spinach, tomatoes and avocado on the side with a HUGE scoop of quinoa and two thick slices of wheat toast.

  • As we walked up to the fitness expo for the marathon, we stopped by the Ira Keller fountain. Another relaxing, peaceful park in Portland.


The expo was a good size. It wasn’t overwhelming as Boston or Chicago. It was well organized and laid out, easy to walk around.  We took in a lot of freebies and bought some jackets.  No shirts were given away but we did get sports pouches.  *Finishers shirts will be handed out at the end of the marathon.

We picked up quite a few coupons and proceeded to walk around using them:  free socks at Foot Traffic, free coffee at Stumptown Coffee, and 20% off lunch at Red Star Tavern.  Eating, drinking and spending money.  We’re happy. We’re not doing it again tomorrow when we’ll find things to do that give us time off our feet and take it easy on the tummy.

Next up:  Dinner at Iorio Restaurant.

We walked 1.3 miles to dinner. Along the way, we saw…

the bride

…a bride

water crossing

…walk across the Hawthorne bridge

then the restaurant.


Iorios story

“…. Grape farmers, on a typical Sunday evening in their upstate New York farm house,…”  small world.


Salad greens with pear and candied walnuts, citrus dressing with balsamic glaze.


Steelhead over pearl pasta with spinach, crimini mushrooms and prawns.

sauted veg

Sautéed vegetables of beans, carrots, parsnips, and Brussels  sprouts

A very good meal but too much. Good thing we were able to walk it off back to the hotel while enjoying the night sky line.

night sky

big city sky

We made one more stop at the hotel lounge for an Irish and Mexican coffee. It was quiet and relaxing before turning in for prep day prior to our long run on Sunday

What are you doing for excitement this weekend?

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    Portland seems like so much fun to visit – officially on my list 😀

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