Portland OREGON Day 1

by Joanne on October 3, 2014

It was a rough start. Up at 3:30 and leaving the house by 4:15 am, thinking we had plenty of time to get our flight in Syracuse.  Not the case.  

1. As soon as we left the house, my stomach turned and nausea set in.

2. We got to the airport and I left Ted with all the bags as I made haste to the bathroom. Did I eat something bad?  Was I coming down with the flu?  Oh no… images of our Disney trip wouldn’t leave my mind.

3. We got the the gate just as the airline called our name for final boarding. Then we sat… something was wrong with the plane.  We bought a Ginger Ale on our way to the gate to calm my stomach and, upon opening it, the sticky ale went all over my arm and legs. That wasn’t the end of it.  We had a cup of water when beverages were served which also ended up all over me. I was soaked, sick, and ready to get out and go home.

4. We arrived in Chicago 45 minutes late and once again, just as our plane was called to board.  Although very close to being the last ones on, we didn’t leave Chicago right away. We sat… again…at the gate because the mechanics had to check an error code. 

I didn’t know how I was going to sit for all those hours in flight with my stomach upset, my back cramping, and head throbbing.  Luckily sleep set in and most of the flight was a blur. I was so afraid that if my stomach turned in flight, folks would think “Ebola” and freak out.  The Ginger Ale was a life saver and better In Me than On Me!

We finally landed in Portland, feeling a little better and finally thinking about putting something solid in my tummy.  From the airport to the hotel we took public transport by way of MAX Light Red Line.  A city rail that goes from the airport to downtown with only 2 blocks to drag our baggage to the hotel. 

Settled in and finally, lunch and brews for Ted at Rock Bottom Brewery

Rock Bottom

Rock bottom salad

The tuna salad which I had to send back since I can’t eat “sushi” tuna. 

Then, a walk down to the Willamette. What a beautiful day and gorgeous scenery. 

Williamette park


Portland park 2

Could it be? Mile 12 of the marathon?  This is a beautiful route. Looking forward to a good run.

Portland park 3

We had some fun as well.  Ted doing some “Tai Chi” in the park.

Ted work out park

End of day one. Tomorrow, we hit the expo and decide on some walking tours.  Looking forward to more sunshine and mild temperatures.

Have you ever been to Portland, OR?  Any recommended MUST SEE?

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  • At 2014.10.03 11:37, Heather said:

    I’ve never been! I sure hope your belly settles down soon – take care of yourself before the big day!

    • At 2014.10.03 12:06, Nancy Jean said:

      Terribly sorry that your trip started out so awfully. At least you were welcomed nicely with beautiful weather once you arrived. You must have had much of the day to explore with the time change. Bob and I went to a Rock Bottom Brewery in Charlotte and liked it very much. I remember trying the IPA and the white ale. The midway point of the race looks so pretty and that’s sure to be a lift for your spirits. Take good care, and ENJOY the adventure!

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