Sharing Runners’ Footprints

by Joanne on July 31, 2014

Being a runner means you are now “free” to win and lose and live life to its fullest.  – Bill Rodgers, 4 time winner of Boston and NYC Marathons.

The following are taken from the 2014 Boston Marathon Racers’ Record Book, a runner’s race day experience.

Bost 2014

For me, it never gets old.  I love the Boston Marathon and all that comes with it.  I hope as long as I continue to qualify, I can continue to experience all that the road from Hopkinton to Boston has to offer.

Never too old:  “A year ago, running 5 minutes seemed impossible; on April 21, 2014, I couldn’t stop smiling for all 26.2! Started running at [age] 62 so I could run my first marathon at 63! What a journey!”  – Evy of Waban, MA

Coming Together:   “On April 21, 2014, there was no real distinction between runners, volunteers, and spectators.  We all came together to achieve the same goals:  to move forward, to heal, t reclaim, to honor and to celebrate.”  – Lisa of Charlestown, MA

“It’s amazing how one race can bring so many people together from all over the world.  I will always remember this experience.”  – Crystal of Nome, AK

So Much Support:  “I felt as if the crowds carried me those final four miles of the Boston Marathon.  Never have I felt so light, so filled with joy and triumph as those final moments of what was truly a once in a lifetime experience.”  – Jennifer of Gilbert, AZ

“Somebody said it was a “26.2 mile stadium”.  They could not have stated it better.  No other race I’ve run approaches the raw energy of Boston.” –Dan of Fairborn, OH

“A 26.2 mile block party.  The crowds really came out strong…truly felt a part of something bigger than me.” Heather of Boston, MA

“The volunteers.  So much positive energy!  It was like a glimpse of the best of humanity.” Jennifer of Lethbridge AB, Canada

Reclaimed:  “We reclaimed our finish line, we showed no intimidation.  It was a very motivational and emotional day, a true testament of the human spirit.”  Flavia of Chesterfield, MO

“One word: closure”  Paul of Bloomfield, NJ


A guy who has run twenty Boston Marathons was once asked, “Don’t you feel like skipping a day when it’s raining?”  The old road warrior replied, “If you start skipping runs because the weather’s too lousy, pretty soon you start missing runs because the weather’s too nice!” –Florence Griffith Joyner and Jon Hanc, Running for Dummies.

What are you passionate about that helps you cope with some of life’s toughest challenges?

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