Restaurant Review: Gerber’s 1933 Tavern

by Joanne on June 14, 2014

At 16 Liberty Street, Utica New York, there is a tavern and it’s called Gerber’s 1933 Tavern.



You won’t find any televisions to distract from the conversation.  You will find a very friendly staff encouraging you to sit, relax, enjoy the food, drink and take in the historic atmosphere.


Source: Located at 16 Liberty Street in Utica, Gerber’s 1933 Tavern is an historic speak easy restored to its original luster. The tavern was vacant for nearly 40 years before it reopened in April 2013. We strive to operate the tavern as it would have been nearly a century ago. The building that houses Gerber’s has a rich and varied history. It’s been a Tobacco shop, produce store, café, fish fry, saloon and more.

Ted and I decided to check out Gerber’s for a simple drink before deciding where to go for dinner.  We weren’t inside, tucked in at the bar for more than 15 minutes when it started to down pour.  That was a deciding factor …well, the rain PLUS the friendly, attentive bartender encouraging us to experience the culinary delights offered that evening. 

Gerber waiter

Wine was served in a water glass – cute!  *Limited wine menu.

Gerber tuna wine

It was a special dinner menu Friday evening since Utica was celebrating “Restaurant Week” – Participating restaurants have special three course dinners for just $18.32, celebrating the year Utica was incorporated as a city, 1832.  Dinners include an appetizer, entrée and dessert.-source.

Gerber yr utica corp

The regular menu from Gerber’s is especially interesting: 

Fried bologna?!!!

Gerber menu

Our options: hummus or garden salad as a starter.  Chicken cutlet, meatloaf, or tuna as an entree.  Bread pudding, chocolate…something and I think there was one more option for dessert but we both closed our ears after hearing “BREAD PUDDING?!!” 


We enjoyed the small garden salad which was a bit difficult to eat served in soup bowls.

Ted had meatloaf

Gerber meat

and gave it a two thumbs up. Very good.

I had tuna on top of the most delicious succotash style vegetable medley.  Not sure what was on top…sweet pickled onion??  It was all so good!

Gerber tuna

Then dessert.  Ted couldn’t wait and ate all of his hot bread pudding, dripping with whip cream that melted into the delicious dessert.

Gerber bread pudding

I, of course, maintained some dietary control and took my dessert home.  Whether I’ll find it still in the fridge when I want it is another story.

Although there isn’t much on the regular menu for my meatless palate, we will be going back in hopes that some kind of seafood special will be offered.  If not, we’ll enjoy the atmosphere, a cool drink and friendly conversation.

Have you tried any new restaurants lately? 

What keeps you going back to a restaurant over and over again? Food? Friendliness? Prices?…???

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