Treads and Threads Duathlon

by Joanne on April 27, 2014

The 2nd successful year for the late April Treads and Threads Duathlon, a run bike run organized by ATCEndurance.  5K run over a flat course, a 20 mile bike over a hilly, challenging course, finishing up by doing the same 5K route that began the race. 

The turn out was good for a cold, windy April day.


Nobody likes an overcast, bone chilling day for a bike ride but these endurance athletes came out strong.  Maybe that’s because ATCEndurance puts an event together so well, covering all bases from organization to food at the finish.

Ted had a good race apart from some complaining about frozen toes.  Here’s how it went down:


Is that a happy face returning from the first 5K run?!


Dressing a little warmer for a cool ride on the 2 lap course.


Bet he’s glad that was over!  Now onto the last leg…


Look at the determination on that face.  Whoa!  He’s out to kick some butt.


Not a bad finish for a guy chilled to the bone and right in the middle of a head cold which he insists is JUST SINUSES (NOT!).

This was the first event of 4 that Ted will do with ATCEndurance this year.  There is a total of 5 events but one is a TOUGHKids Youth Triathlon and as much as we would like to do it, I’m not sure we would be allowed over the starting line.

Congratulations Ted! Red heart    A good run, a tough bike, and another good run to finish. Thumbs up

As for Zoey and I, we stayed warm in the truck and took mug shots.


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  • At 2014.04.29 09:14, Ali @ Peaches and Football said:

    Great job Ted! Having a cheering squad makes a world of difference! How close together are the 5 events he’s doing? Are they crazy close or sprinkled throughout the year?

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