You’re Bigger Than That

by Joanne on February 5, 2014

My Inner World was a site offering self discovery, self help, and motivations. On occasion, I would get an email from MIW called “The Inner View”. It seems odd, but every time I receive these emails, it seems the topic of point was something I needed at the time. Weird. Spooky.  (Unfortunately, My Inner World went off line last September. Hope it comes back up. Fingers crossed)

A while ago, the topic was “Do you need someone to talk to?”. The following were some of the points addressed.

One of the most valuable of life’s gifts is someone to talk to. The heaviness of the world sometimes leaves us frightened, upset or feeling alone. We may have experienced embarrassment, anger, jealousy, or loss. Whatever it is, we feel pain and we want to bury our head in the sand, hiding ourselves from others. The dark thoughts and negative emotions can be scary and make us feel insecure. It’s at those times when having the right person to talk to can help us move forward with grace and honor.

It’s not easy to find a person we can easily share our concerns with and open our heart to. Many people are judgmental and form opinions which carry forward long after the situation is over. The type of person we should be lucky enough to find is someone who isn’t influenced by our own perceptions. The person already knows us and knows the beauty of our true nature. They aren’t excited by the drama of our story and listen with compassion. They remind us of what is really important.

Do you have that someone in your life? If not, it might be someone you haven’t recognized yet. It might not be a friend, it could be a family member or someone you don’t know really well. But you DO know that you are NEVER alone even if sometimes it feels that way.

My Story:

I remember when I used to show Saddlebreds, I was thrown from my horse in the middle of the show ring, at a very prestigious horse show with a lot of people watching. My horse reared  and I fell off. I got back on and finished the ride but was MORTIFIED! How could I EVER face those people who I showed with, who trained my horse, who WATCHED?! It was such an embarrassment.


After the class, I left the show grounds and went back to my hotel crying.  I called my parents and my father picked up the phone. I told him about the horrible experience in between violent sobbing.  Dad simply said “Come on now, Jo. You’re bigger than that. Get back out there, smile and shake it off.” You know, those simple words made me feel better. I ended up having a great time at the show.  Everyone commended me on the way I came through it. I WAS bigger than that.

When thing weigh down on me, seeming more than I can bear, it’s very often the little things that are said from people who care that make me realize I will get through it.  There are worse things.

What was it that someone said to you at any time that really left an impression and gets you through tough challenges?


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