Benefits of Both Spouses Being Fit

by Joanne on January 30, 2014

It was another frigid morning.  The alarm went of and I got up. The dogs followed me into the bathroom where we have a wireless weather station.  *A very handy place to have a weather station since you can sit and contemplate options for the day based upon rain or shine, warmth or cold. Just kidding


The outside temperature read 4 degrees.  I thought “I can’t do this again. I’m just not in the mood.”  I turned right around, both dogs still following in expectation of suiting up and going outside, stood by the bedroom door, they left the room, I shut the door behind them and went back to bed.

Half an hour later, Ted’s alarm went off. I heard him get up then he leaned over and said “I can take the dogs out.”  

I’m sure it was just as difficult for him to get up and outside as it was for me. His motivation to get up and get moving made me feel guilty, especially since my day off was yesterday when the temperature was 5 BELOW and Ted had “dog duty” on THAT cold day of the week. Guilt overwhelmed me and Zoey and I headed out the door, me covered from head to toe, not a speck unprotected.

The cold weather runner

I ran slow, grumbling the first 2 miles.  But now I was out there, getting one foot in front of the other. Zoey was my happy running partner, ready to go the distance.  I knew Ted was out  with Shane. I could do this. Just hang tough and get it done.

We ran 9 miles.  It wasn’t fast.  It wasn’t the tempo run I had on schedule but we ran.

If it wasn’t for Ted getting up when his alarm went off, it would have been another day lying in bed, missing a workout.  Seeing the commitment Ted has towards his workouts helps motivate me to get mine done.  He has to go to work just as I do but finds time to not only run but swim AND bike.  He’s going to commit to over 15 hours a week of exercise getting ready for his half Ironman. 

It sure helps having the person you live with get up and out just as early as you do to stay fit, healthy and endure discomfort to achieve goals. Motivation, commitment, the desire to do ones best plus the confidence and companionship of another to keep you going when you’re ready to give up, makes the impossible seem possible.

Do you have a workout partner that keeps you moving even when you want to stop?

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  • At 2014.01.30 17:53, Lindsay said:

    Brr! I just thought you had to let the dogs out to pee, I’m impressed you went out for 9-miles!

    • At 2014.01.31 09:01, Joanne said:

      My intention was to go out as long as I could stand it. As usual, getting past those first 2 – 3 miles is the toughest then you just seem to be able to plough through.

    • At 2014.01.30 23:46, Choc Chip Uru said:

      You are brave to go out in such cold weather – good for you both 😀
      And yes, that encouragement rocks!


      • At 2014.01.31 09:02, Joanne said:

        I’m not so sure it would be so easy if we didn’t have the dogs. Sometimes you look for any excuse but those pups keep you honest. 🙂

      • At 2014.01.31 11:14, Lori said:

        During our long rides outside, it is really nice that both John and I go together so we can encourage each other if one gets tired.

        I do not go outside in this cold. I’ll just exercise inside, thank you LOL!

        • At 2014.01.31 12:54, Heather said:

          Wow – you are a brave woman getting out there in this cold!
          I love working out with Jay – there are many a days I would have stayed home on the couch but guilt took over when I saw him getting dressed for the gym. 🙂

          • At 2014.01.31 16:49, Nancy Jean said:

            Love your drawing and the “Big Ass Mittens!” They do protect better than gloves, I think. Lately DJ has been taking care of business faster than ever before, poor kid. We’ve been out most every morning @ 2:30 or 3 am and the wind has been wicked. Kudos to you & Ted for braving the cold to exercise … Bob and I have no such determination!

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