Good and Bad

by Joanne on January 17, 2014

This week has had the really good moments and the really bad ones.
I received the gold Phiddipedes Award for endurance









I received confirmation of the 26.2 trademark for baked goods










This is the 26.6 Mini Loaf that began trademarking the 26.2 Apple Crumbles baked goodies.
Cookies, muffins, and bars are under development to help get us all through the long run.















I saw a shooting star Wednesday morning.

The best Good Thing this week was that Dad didn’t have to undergo the surgery.

Then there was the bad…

So far neither Cheap Tickets nor USAir will give us a refund EVEN THOUGH trip insurance was purchased AND its medical.  ✈

I’ll approach the insurance company next to see if they can renew my confidence in air travel.

Of course next on the bad list is weather. Warm then rain then cold then ice.

Who can run on THAT if you don’t have a death wish?!!

On the “to be decided” list is doing a blog post from a tablet.  That’s why this post looks …odd to say the least. I’m on a Nexus 7.  Cute and SO little: 7″

So my question to you is…do you write, share, blog from an iPad or tablet?

If so, tips please.


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