Frisbee Fun Day

by Joanne on September 20, 2013

This is what happens when we play Frisbee with the dogs in the yard.

zoey crouched

Zoey is poised and ready to leap from the porch to chase the Frisbee.

shane zoey frisbee

Both Zoey and Shane return successfully catching their toys.

zoey squirrel again

Zoey is easily distracted by the tree which she is 100% sure hides that squirrel she’s been chasing.

zoey squirrel

No sign of the squirrel but she is SO DARNED certain it’s up there.

In the meantime,

shane two frisbee

Shane returns with both Frisbees in his mouth.  *See Zoey in the background (upper right corner)? She is still after that darned squirrel!

I decided to toss the Frisbees in the other direction.  Unfortunately there are trees on that side of the yard as well.

Shane doesn’t care about squirrels, he’ll just take BOTH frisbee and make the best of it.


Enough Frisbee play, it’s that time again to run another marathon.  Sunday is the Rochester Marathon and I’m struggling to psych myself .  Ted was supposed to run the half but is injured and has to sit this one out.  We hope he’ll recover for Chicago. 

As for my goals, as always, we’ll see what race day morning brings.  What frame of mind I’m in. What my legs feel like.  How well I get into my running “zone” and if I can stay there.  I’ll look for race pacers from Fleet and see if can hold an even pace.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and if you have a race this Saturday or Sunday, good luck and have fun.

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