Fat Chance Book Review

by Joanne on July 5, 2013

About a month ago, a book arrived in the mail.  What a find and a terrific opportunity to review this book!  It’s called “Fat Chance! The No-Going-Back Weight Loss Workbook”. 

The author Susan Maiava was looking for a book to help her lose weight but like most people, she couldn’t find anything that was specifically geared toward what she thought she could manage. Susan decided to write her own book, a workbook. 

This book is a journal of progress from changing old habits to a new healthier lifestyle.  It hits all the trouble spots:  reducing hunger, dealing with emotional eating, becoming more active. 

Don’t think about how over weight people should diet. Think about how healthy, slimmer people eat. 

The book guides the reader over a 12 week period, segmenting into weekly themes with debrief and reflect on Day 7.

There are pages explaining what foods will target your goal and which ones won’t.

Simple recipes and meal suggestions

but it’s not all about eating salad.  Healthy proteins for breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus the necessity for complex carbohydrates.  *By the way, there is a super good looking recipe for “Spicy Mexican Mince and Beans” during week 7 day 6!

The online link we are all guided to on day 1 is www.fatchanceweightloss.com and the easy online calculator to identify your healthy weight goal, the number of calories recommended each day to reach and maintain the goal.

This workbook really does offer a different way of going about weight loss, how to think about yourself and your weight, plus a new way of living.  Fat Chance! by Susan Maiava.

As good as this book is, sometimes it helps to “report” to a friend, family member or coach just to troubleshoot.  I’m a very self motivated person but, when I set a goal, and the going gets a bit tough, I need someone to guide me, reassure me I’m on the right track and most importantly, to help me through those rough spots.  If you need such a guide and you would rather surprise your friends and family with your new healthy lifestyle, there is one health coach I can think of that works along the same lines as the holistic approach offered in the above recommended book.  Her name is Pam and she can be found at Total Health Counseling.  A great listener, a gentle persona, reliable, and someone who makes you feel like you’re always number one.  Pam has a new summer program that sounds really interesting and you can read about it at www.totalhealthcounseling.com “Sensational YOU”.  

Just think:  new clothes in smaller sizes, feeling better emotionally and physically all the time, and new delicious food to discover and enjoy!   Check out the workbook, contact Pam, embark on this really fun, fitness trip. 

Do you believe in dieting or changing bad eating habits? 

Do you believe in staying active for a healthy lifestyle or simply eating smarter?  or both?!

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  • At 2013.07.06 10:11, Pam said:

    Thanks Joanne for recommending me 🙂
    My new reboot is great for slimming down for summer, ditching the dieting mentality, and losing belly bloat.
    To lose weight effortlessly, have endless energy, your solution is here 🙂

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