Oh Look! A Rainbow!

by Joanne on June 29, 2013

Just what I needed


Can I vent?  Seriously. Will you allow me just a moment to spew all sorts of negatives then I promise, I COMPLETELY PROMISE, I will tell you something positive.

Negative:  The Week from Hell

… I wrote all the nasty stuff that happened this week then I thought twice. Who wants to read that? We read depressing stuff in the news ALL     THE    TIME, why read it here.

So I’ll just mention the positives which may not be meaningful since they don’t have the negatives to connect:

Positive:  There was a rainbow

The kitchen is usable. (not finished which is why I’m not posting photos.)

Kitchen looks beautiful.

There has been some sun amongst all the rain.

I’ve kept up with my running plan.

Zoey is feeling better.

We should be completely 100% done with contractors and kitchen re-model by the 4th of July.

AppleCrumbles site is ….almost back together. *I shouldn’t try to do things myself.

So that’s it in a nutshell…now for running…

While Ted and Shane had a good run, Zoey and I had a little bit of a situation. 

I ran with Ted and Shane for 45 minutes. That went well. Ted is able to run on that ankle now. Things are looking up!

Took Zoey out to finish my scheduled 80 – 90 minutes and just as we were within 1/2 mile from home, we were rushed by two dogs.  Luckily the owners were right there to round them up. But knowing dogs as I do, they were not out to maul either one of us. Zoey got a nip in the butt but that was all. We’re safe, unharmed and home.

Had a good 8 1/2 miles today. 

Fingers crossed for sunny skies and more activity tomorrow.

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  • At 2013.07.02 23:36, Mary @ Fit and FedF said:

    Those unspecified technical difficulties just did not sound good. I’m glad you kept up your running through it all. We got our share of rain lately here in Seattle though it’s now gloriously hot, hope you are getting some good weather too.

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