Cooperstown Sprint 2013

by Joanne on May 26, 2013

The first local triathlon for 2013.  The weather was not on our side.  At the beginning of the week, race staff reported water temperatures at 50 degrees with hopes that warmer weather would arrive and at least get the water over the 55 degree mark.  It didn’t happen.  Rain and cooler temperatures forced the first triathlon to become a duathlon.  It was a disappointment to the athletes but for everyone’s safety, the best choice.

Ted was ready even though he is still wrestling with that sore Achilles.  He enjoys these events and no pain is going to stop him from participating.

The first leg was a 1.5 mile run. 

Transitioning to the bike for 12.2 miles

Speeding down the hill, screeching halt, run/shuffle (bike shoes are bad for running) back into transition for the final leg, a 3.1 mile run.

Ted was in Wave 2.  Right now we don’t know his time but he had a good first run, GREAT bike, but unfortunately cramped up a little taking off on the last leg run.  Still, a good race and fun event.

The Cooperstown Sprint Triathlon is held in such a pretty area of New York State even though we can’t always rely on the weather so it’s a mystery if we’ll get an actual 3 event race or, like today, a 2 event race.  A well trained athlete is ready for anything and unless injured, most were quite prepared to go the distance without donning wet suits.

Ted said the bike course seemed more challenging this year.  There were a couple of hazards the cyclists had to be aware of then the big hill on the run course got to some of the best of them, but, as far as we know, everyone enjoyed the day.  Chobani yogurt, bagels, bananas, and HALF MOONS (Awesome! Whose idea was that?!) were offered as post race refreshment.  The after party was held at 12pm, the venue “The Yum-Yum Shack”.  Ted and I missed the party and opted for a warm breakfast with Sue and Sam. 

Congrats to ATCEndurance for handling the challenges and putting on another A-One event.

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  • At 2013.05.28 08:24, Heather said:

    Ted looks STRONG in these pictures – way to go, Ted!!! Congrats!
    Hopefully the weather will cooperate next year…..

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