Cool to the MAX

by Joanne on October 27, 2012

Not a bad morning for a short run.  By 6:30 with the roads still dark, I was trekking along like an old runner jogger. My day off yesterday did nothing to make the legs feel fresh and energized.  In fact, it was the opposite.  My lower body, waist down, felt tight, stiff and achy.  I’m a runner who typically has no issues what so ever with breathing but today my breath felt a little strained and louder than normal.  I noticed some soreness in my throat and my left upper torso felt as if someone had hit me with a bat.  Seven point one four miles felt more like fourteen point two eight miles.  Speaking of double time, that’s on tap for tomorrow but with the rain moving in and it still being early in training for Goofy, I might skip it. OH NO!  Yes, I just might skip it….. so there!  As for today, the weather was perfect. Sure wish I felt better and could have stayed out for a little longer.

In spite of most body parts, inner and outer, feeling crappy on this last run, my feet felt great!  I received a pair of CoolMax Experia socks with Thorlo pads.  They are a super cushy sock that is promoted to enhance running performance by moving moisture away from your feet. With cooling power and quality fabric, don’t expect any blisters with these babies.

It was about 58 degrees and this sock is fairly thick but my feet didn’t overheat nor sweat. I’d say that CoolMax fabric works.


I think I’m just as much a sock queen as I am a sneaker queen.  An odd fetish but one that can’t be helped…as long as I keep running.

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