FOFF Rice with Mozzarella

by Joanne on October 4, 2012

…and A LOT of mozzarella at that!

FOFF Rice with Mozzarella5

An easy, cheesy recipe by Carla Vavala from her book Fusion of Food and Friends. This recipe can be found on page 51.  It’s an easy side dish that the cheesy people in your life are just going to love.

Note:  I thought the rice could use a bit more flavor so I added 2 chopped green onions.

FOFF Rice with Mozzarella4

  • 1 cup rice (cook according to package directions). *Brown rice recommended for an extra little nutrition boost.
  • 1 TBS olive oil (the recipe suggests butter but I used basil infused olive oil)
  • 3/4 cup mozzarella cheese
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • salt to taste
  • pepper to taste (optional)
  • Parmesan cheese (optional)

Cook the rice until just about done according to the package.

Over medium high heat, add the oil (or butter) and mozzarella to the rice and stir.

Pour the beaten egg over the rice in the saucepan. Stir it in and cook until the egg has cooked into the rice. Salt and pepper to taste. Serve with Parmesan cheese if desired.

FOFF Rice with Mozzarella1

This side dish will go a long way. Plan on serving about 6 family and/or friends.

FOFF Rice with Mozzarella2

What’s your favorite rice recipe? Is it an entree? Is it a side dish? or is it dessert?

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  • At 2012.10.04 06:26, the 3volution of j3nn said:

    Oh my GOODNESS! How I love cheesy rice. I think cheesy rice dishes are my favorite ways to eat rice, or with nutritional yeast mixed in, which is also “cheezy.”

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