Why Do I Run and Apple Twigs

by Joanne on September 23, 2012

As I tried to get to sleep at 11:15 pm, tossing and not being successful at getting into a comfortable position, thoughts began spewing from my mind. One such thought was why I run or more specifically, why do I run races?


I ask myself that question over and over again and couldn’t/can’t come up with a satisfactory answer.  My initial response was  I like it…No, no you don’t like it. At the beginning of every race your stomach is in your throat, it’s the only time you perspire in nervous anticipation and, lets face it, the body hurts sometimes during, almost always after a race.  Yes, running races hurts. You run faster and push yourself harder. That hurts


Then I decided I run races because I want to challenge myself to do better than last time.  No, no you don’t challenge yourself against yourself, you challenge yourself against the runners at the head of the pack.  That’s wrong. The only person you need to race against is yourself.  When you start trying to pit yourself against people genetically, physically superior, there will be disappointment. No fun and no way to succeed.

Another thought occurred to me that I run races because the result is what I control completely. I rely on no one else to get me from the start to the finish.  It’s all about my body, my mind, my sinew.  In my work place, I sit behind a desk while others do the physical production work.  Running allows me to put in some hard time.  Could THIS be the reason?  I’m sure it’s one of the reasons I run and run to race.

One last thought on why I might run just to run:  Running away.  You know how some people sleep to escape the pressures of life? Or maybe some drink more than they should? My escape from stress, worries, and sometimes responsibility is a good run.

Fitness, fun, escape, a touch of masochism…guess I’ll keep doing it until my mind or body cries “NO MORE!”

Why do you run? Why do you race?

Why do you do what you do that isn’t always comfortable, sometimes it hurts, causes anxiety and regret that you decided to do it in the first place but you continue to keep doing it?

Sticks and stones and…Apple Twigs

Yay Martha Stewart!  On page 60 of October’s “Living” magazine, I found the best trick for using all those apple peels from the apple pies we make in the Fall.  You’re going to absolutely love these sweet treats.

In a nutshell, simply toss your left over organic apple peels with a few drops of water (this helps the spices stick), cinnamon and sugar.  Just remember to wash the apples and thoroughly dry the skins.

If you use 12 organic apples, use 1/2 tsp. cinnamon and 1/4 cup sugar.  Spread in a single layer on parchment lined pans and bake at 250 F for 2 1/2 hours, until they are curled and crisp.

Note: My mother is allergic to cinnamon so we used ginger and sugar.  We also used a sweet Gala apple and didn’t need much sugar.  Remember, apples are naturally sweet so use as little sugar as you can but you need a little to caramelize while baking the peels. Remember! This is a special little treat so…


Suggestion:  Having a Halloween Party? Why not make some apple twigs to put on the cocktail tables as snacks?

Doing a nutrition presentation to kids? Why not offer a little bit about the health attributes of fruit (fiber, antioxidants, phytonutrients…) and, as a little treat, pass out some apple twigs?

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  • At 2012.09.24 07:55, Heather said:

    This is a great question! I’ve always claimed that I run for that “runners high”. But maybe I am running away from things when I run. Maybe it’s an escape from everything else going on in my life. Even for just an hour, or however long…… Hmmmmmmmmm…..

    • At 2012.09.24 13:43, Joanne said:

      That runners high is what keeps me going on those weekend long runs.

      • At 2012.09.24 08:23, Ali @ Peaches and Football said:

        I love the idea of using the apple skins for snacks! Great idea!

        I don’t run yet and I totally hate it (probably because I’m no good at it!) but when I head out for my run/walks I think I do it for a number of reasons:

        – to reach ultimate goals of running a mile, running a 5K without stopping
        – increased endurance
        – the challenge of seeing if I can reach inside and push myself to do better than the time before

        • At 2012.09.24 13:44, Joanne said:

          The apple peels are terrific but will soften a couple of days after making them.
          What ever the reason, at least it keeps us going, right? 🙂

          • At 2012.09.24 09:23, misszippy1 said:

            I could really relate to your thought process here w/ the why question. I don’t have a concrete answer, either. I just know I’m not happy if I don’t have it, so I guess I could say it completes me.

            Great fall recipe!

            • At 2012.09.24 13:45, Joanne said:

              I get pretty moody as well on the days I don’t run. It’s that “love-hate” relationship with running.

              • At 2012.09.25 04:53, Choc Chip Uru said:

                My ultimate goal is just to stay fit but my friend you are much more inspiring 😀
                And I love your use of apple skins!

                Choc Chip Uru

                • […] finally, Did you know, the acids found in apple peel (see here for a terrific recipe for Apple Twigs which uses the healthy peel) build muscle and help reduce body […]

                  • At 2012.09.26 01:51, Mary @ Fit and Fed said:

                    An escape from stress, worries, and responsibilities, who wouldn’t want that? There was an interesting article in the NYT a little while ago about why we exercise. The research says it’s our personal, in-the-moment reasons that motivate us, not long-term goals like health. Certainly I find that my exercise (skating) is a great stress relief and it’s very fun! I have a lot of little goals along the way that motivate me, most recently, working on my lutz jump.

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