FOFF Egg Salad Sammies

by Joanne on September 12, 2012

This recipe was adapted from Carla Vavala’s book Fusion of Food and Friends.  Found on page 50, it’s a classic representation of the egg salad sandwich…until Apple Crumbles got hold of it.  Here’s what happened.

FOFF Egg Salad Sammies and Energy PB Cookies2

I began mixing up the recipe for the egg salad and it brought back memories of when I was a kid.  My sister loved egg salad but I wasn’t quite so enthusiastic.  My sandwich of choice was sliced apple between two slices of bread coated with butter. Healthy? Maybe not 100%, at least the apple was…but back to the egg salad.  So I was thinking that egg salad might be a great healthy lunch choice for kids, but there were no vegetables.  I changed the recipe to incorporated CRUNCH as well as some greenery or orangery (hmmm….can’t get away with that one can I?!) by mixing in celery and carrots, served with sliced cucumber.  In addition to the added veggies, I reduced the mayo, didn’t have celery salt so I used Old Bay seasoning.  I think the recipe should make 4 sandwiches, there were only two of us but nothing left.  I’d say it was a hit.

FOFF Egg Salad Sammies and Energy PB Cookies13

Egg Salad Sammies (original recipe as well as my own changes)

FOFF Egg Salad Sammies and Energy PB Cookies7

  • 6 eggs  *I used 4 eggs
  • *I added 2 celery sticks, diced
  • *I added 1/2 carrot, peeled and diced
  • 1/4 cup mayonnaise  *I used 2 TBS of mayo
  • 1 TBS mustard  *I used 1 1/2 TBS honey mustard
  • 2 TBS vinegar (might I suggest using Apple Cider vinegar)
  • 1/2 tsp. celery salt  *I used 1 tsp. Old Bay Seasoning
  • 1 dill pickle chopped *I used 3 cornichons aka gherkins
  • your favorite bread

Place the eggs in a saucepan covered with cold water.  Put on the stove to bring to a boil then immediately remove from heat and allow to sit for 10 to 12 minutes. Remove from water, cool, peel then chop.  Allow to chill in the fridge for 30 minutes or so.

In a medium bowl, add the chopped, cooled eggs, celery, carrot, mayo, mustard, vinegar, celery salt (or Old Bay), pickle, salt and pepper.  Mix together then add between your favorite bread and thoroughly enjoy!

*NOTE:  You can buy pre boiled eggs at various stores to save time. The thought of buying pre cooked eggs doesn’t appeal to me. I like mine fresh and fresh boiled.  Have you ever tried pre-cooked eggs?

FOFF Egg Salad Sammies and Energy PB Cookies8

This was good but it’s been so long since I’ve had sliced apple between two slices of buttered bread, I might just have to try that one again.

FOFF Egg Salad Sammies and Energy PB Cookies4

With all the food allergy regulations today, does anyone know whether kids are allowed to bring egg salad to school?  I think there is restrictions on peanut butter but I’m not sure about eggs.

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  • At 2012.09.13 07:59, Bonnie said:

    No egg restrictions at schools. Kids can bring pb for their own lunches; kids with peanut allergies sit at a special table. We can’t bring joint snacks for the classroom with any peanut ingredients. Our teacher wants only store bought items brought in for birthday parties. This egg salad recipe sounds delicious!

    • At 2012.09.13 17:23, Dalma said:

      That looks absolutely delicious! I want to taste it…right now!

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