Lovin’ My Laundry – My Favorite Eco Friendly Products

by Joanne on July 31, 2012

This is the email I sent earlier in the week…

Thanks to Naturally Savvy, I’ve found a wonderful, new and natural Laundry detergent that actually works on our sweaty, workout clothes.

When I requested participation in the review of the Ecover laundry liquid, I was skeptical that the detergent could eliminate those strong odors clothing and towels get when exposed to those nasty,sweaty,super challenging workout days. But it came through!

There is not flowery smell associated with the detergent and the clean clothing doesn’t enter the dryer with any chemically enhanced odor “coverups”. Clothes simply come out clean. Maybe we associate “fresh” smelling with those said “coverup” smells other companies add to products but I think “FRESH” in the case of Ecover laundry detergent means odorless clean or AROMA-less clean.

Love the product and will certainly visit our local natural products store to check for availability. I’m also recommending it to other family members who tend to have allergic reactions to detergents.


Although the website says that “SunnyDay is a light summery scent” and other’s noticed a nice smell on their clean clothes, we didn’t notice any scent at all. Maybe our sense of smell has been marred by the use of heavily chemically induced detergents.  We could be ruined for life!

In any event, I love natural products.

Arbonne has introduced some wonderful products and we are completely hooked on the Arbonne Chocolate shake,

arbonne shake

but now, Ecover is the newest member of our ever growing environmentally friendly list.

What’s your favorite environmentally friendly product?

What’s your favorite all natural product brand?

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