I Felt A (Capital “A”!) AMAZING!

by Joanne on July 23, 2012

Why do we have those truly wonderful totally energized days?  I had the best, I DO mean the best workout Sunday morning.  A 12 mile run at 8:54 pace and a 19.7 mile bike ride, average pace 13 mph.  After all that exercise, I didn’t feel as if I had done a thing!  What happened?! Why was my endurance level so good today?  I want that EVERY DAY!

  • It might have been the massage yesterday.


I was worried about that a day before a mid range run. My legs could have felt heavy. But no, the legs felt GREAT.

  • It might have been the late night popcorn while watching “Wanderlust” with Jennifer Anniston. *Not a great movie by the way (booooo!).


  • It might have been the Perpetuem solid I took before my run or ….


  • A super energized banana that I also ate before my run (the banana didn’t look any different but…maybe?!???)


  • Maybe it was the Accel Gel at mile 6 1/2?


  • It really must have been my New Balance 1600 sneakers.

New Balance

They are so light weight and felt wonderful for 12 miles. I made the decision to wear those for my Watkins Glen Half Marathon in August.

What ever the reason, I ran 12 miles, biked 19.7 and felt great, like I had done nothing.  My running pace was good and my cycling pace wasn’t bad for a non-biker.

The run:  Started with Shane for the first 4 miles then continued on for 8 miles alone.

  1. 9:47, 9:26, 8:58, and 8:47  First 4 miles through Proctor Park
  2. 9:50, 9:05, 9:15, and 8:09  Miles 5 through 8 up to the Eagle of the golf course.
  3. 8:46, 8:32, 8:43, and 8:31 Miles 9 through 12 from the Eagle, around the track once, and home. Negative split for final four.

The bike:  Great ride. Beautiful day and we stopped for breakfast at my favorite breakfast haunt, Creekside.  9.8 miles into the wind and up hill.  Back for 7 miles to breakfast then home to bake cookies and play with the pups.




Shane’s worst nightmare:  His sister, Zoey.

When you have a great workout, does it make you grateful for being blessed with such a healthy body?  We should always realize how blessed we are to do the things we ask our physical selves to do.

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  • At 2012.07.23 11:05, Lori said:

    I love great workouts. Maybe it was the change in NY weather? We had a wonderful long bike ride on Saturday. Could not have been more beautiful and it felt great!

    • At 2012.07.23 13:19, Cucina49 said:

      Note to self to remove that movie from my Netflix list. It’s amazing how much a good massage and some relaxation can improve the next day’s physical activity.

      • At 2012.07.23 17:31, Choc Chip Uru said:

        Sounds like veerything went right for you my friend, these days are the best 😀
        And yea, look at that girl power, go Shane’s sister!

        Choc Chip Uru

        • At 2012.07.24 12:31, Heather said:

          I wish I could bottle days like those up!! They’re great confidence boosters! Great job!
          Your pups are awesome. Too much cuteness.

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